A Petulant Joe Biden Makes a Cowardly Move in Presser Held After GDP News

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As we previously reported, the report issued Thursday by the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows the GDP shrunk 0.9 percent in the second quarter. Combined with the 1.6 percent drop in the first quarter, in the eyes of any economist who is not vying to be Joe Biden’s chief bootlicker that means the United States is officially in a recession.


The dreaded “R” word, as we’ve also noted, has been something the Biden administration from the top down has been trying to skate around in recent weeks in apparent awareness that this news was coming down the pike. We’ve seen administration officials from press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, to Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen, to National Economic Council director Brian Deese, and even Joe Biden himself try to gaslight the American people by proclaiming that we’re not technically in a recession or whatever.

Even on this day, after the numbers that confirm it were released, Joe Biden is still trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes, declaring in a written statement earlier that “we are on the right path.” Even worse, during what was billed as a “press conference” at the White House where Biden was touting the $670 billion Biden/Manchin/Schumer deal, a petulant Biden stood there before the cameras and listed off partisan actors including senior members of his administration as saying we were not in a recession, as though that makes it true:


And then, almost immediately after that, Biden ended the so-called “presser” by running away from the press without taking a single question:

That’s just pathetic and, quite frankly, cowardly, especially coming from a guy who oftentimes said on the campaign trail that the buck stops with him.

The fact of the matter is that Biden inherited an economy from former President Donald Trump that was on the rebound, and then promptly set about undoing it as soon as he was sworn into office with a mixture of Congressional and executive actions that included effectively shutting down the Keystone Pipeline project.

And beyond that, there are very few people in this country who are sitting around their kitchen tables paying the bills and trying to make ends meet who are quibbling over whether or not this is “really” a recession. Their thinning wallets tell them exactly what it is.

As Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) correctly pointed out in a Fox News interview after the GDP report was released, “Most Americans don’t really care about this debate or how many economists can dance on the head of a pin. What they see as a slowing economy and rising prices. It’s called classic stagflation.”


“And the bottom line is the economy sucks,” Kennedy also stated. “And it’s not going to get any better.”

Not as long as Democrats are in control of Congress and Joe Biden is president, that’s for danged sure.



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