Report: Twitter Takes Action Against Radicals Who Posted Justices’ Addresses While Joe Biden Plays Coy

It’s been over a month since a deranged man was arrested for admittedly attempting to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his home over his anticipated (at the time) vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, and roughly two and a half months since left-wing outrage mobs doxxed the conservative Justices and posted their addresses on Twitter after the Supreme Court’s draft majority opinion was leaked to the media.


And now, after all this time and after the damage has been done, Twitter has decided to finally take action against “Ruth Sent Us” – the militantly pro-abortion group at the center of the SCOTUS harassment campaigns – for unapologetically posting the private information on Twitter in an effort to whip fanatics into a frenzy in hopes that they would storm the neighborhoods of the Justices and intimidate them into changing their votes:

Twitter suspended the group responsible for publishing the home addresses of several conservative Supreme Court justices on Thursday.


“Our 6-3 extremist Supreme Court routinely issues rulings that hurt women, racial minorities, LGBTQ+ and immigrant rights,” the group’s website read at the time. “We must rise up to force accountability using a diversity of tactics.”


Ruth Sent Us previously received a ban on its TikTok account in May, but the company soon reinstated the group’s privileges.

Indeed, as of this writing, a visit to the “Ruth Sent Us” Twitter page gives you an “account suspended” message:

While the Twitter powers that be aren’t commenting about their decision, the move comes at a time when radical groups who are affiliated with “Ruth Sent Us” and have similar motivations are escalating their threats against the SCOTUS Justices on the popular social media platform. For instance, the “Shutdown DC” account has encouraged people to harrass them at restaurants, which happened to Kavanaugh last week, and they’re urging tipsters who spot the SCOTUS Justices out in public to let them know privately so they can sic more mobs on them:


Meanwhile, here’s what Joe Biden is up to: He’s trying to circumvent the court’s decision via executive orders, instructed the DOJ to do the same, has called Supreme Court conservatives “extremists” on foreign soil and in the process added fuel to the already-dangerous fire. Incredibly, his spokespeople have labeled what happened to Kavanaugh Wednesday night “democracy” in action.

To date, Biden himself has not directly condemned the assassination attempt on Kavanaugh, though it was a direct threat against an American institution, the type of thing we’ve been told by Biden, his fellow Democrats, and the mainstream media for 18 months now was wrong to do when it was a ragtag group of Trump supporters breaching the Capitol.

As I’ve said before, disagreements with Supreme Court rulings are one thing. How Biden has reacted in response to the Supreme Court’s decision has not been the way a world leader should act. In the midst of all the emotion from both sides surrounding this issue, and the dangerous escalation in the rhetoric and actions of abortion proponents, one would hope that the President of the United States would work to try and turn down the temperature if for no other reason than to potentially head off another attempt on a SCOTUS Justice’s life at the pass. But that’s not what Biden has done. In fact, he’s made matters worse.


Twitter’s actions, while belated, are something at least. But there is simply no excuse for Biden’s ongoing silence on the attempt on Kavanaugh’s life, and his administration’s continued pathetic excuse-making for the illegal protests that are still occurring outside the Justices homes thanks to the information “Ruth Sent Us” posted.

Joe Biden is – again – telling us who he really is. And, not surprisingly, it ain’t good. Not at all.

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