Leftist Groups Take Things to Disturbing New Level to Intimidate SCOTUS Justices

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have refused to condemn the leak of the SCOTUS draft opinion. They have also improperly demonized the Court for its draft opinion, which is not even a final opinion, rather than properly refraining from comment. As I noted, if Kamala Harris had been a Republican, we’d already be hearing Democrats say that she was calling for an “insurrection” when she called on people to “fight” with “everything we have” against a decision that hasn’t even been made yet.


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer went even further. He has in the past threatened members of the Court, saying they would “pay the price” and they “wouldn’t know what hit them if they go forward” with their decisions, specifically trying to intimidate them to do what Democrats want. Schumer was at it again after the SCOTUS leak, falsely accusing them of lying. My colleague Sister Toldjah explained why that is, itself, an abominable lie. But again this is a threat, a way of intimidating the justices that if they go along with this draft opinion, they can expect trouble from the Senate trying to take them out.

They talk about norms as they throw all the norms under the bus in these types of improper attacks, trying to compromise the Court.

Now their actions are inciting further intimidation efforts against the Court.

Activist groups have announced they will be going to the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices to force them to comply with what the left wants on abortion. And what they have named their despicable action is offensive.

From Fox News:

The activists are organizing under the moniker “Ruth Sent Us” and have published the supposed home addresses of Justices Amy Coney Barrett, John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch.

“Our 6-3 extremist Supreme Court routinely issues rulings that hurt women, racial minorities, LGBTQ+ and immigrant rights,” the group’s website reads. “We must rise up to force accountability using a diversity of tactics.”


Fox is reporting that police have been deployed to the justices’ homes to protect them. The group said they will be coming to the homes on May 11. This is unconscionable and needs to be condemned by the Biden Administration but I’m willing to bet it will not be, just as they have not condemned the leak, another intimidation effort. As I reported, there is some indication that the White House knew in advance about this leak, which raises the question about their role. This is where the left is at this point — they don’t care about norms, they will do anything to get what they want.

What’s so wrong on top of the threat to the justices is naming it after Ruth Bader Ginsburg. While RBG was most certainly a liberal, she would have been horrified at such an action. She believed in the integrity of the Court, she spoke against Democratic efforts like court-packing and she also had issues with the decision in Roe, thinking that it should have gone through the state legislatures.

This is how radical these people are — they’re even encouraging protests in Catholic churches.


RBG would have condemned such an effort as an attack on her beloved Court and an attack on its constitutional integrity. Not to mention the attack on people’s religious beliefs.

If Democrats think these kinds of actions are going to help them in November, they have another thing coming. Most Americans are going to be horrified that this is what Democrats are willing to do.


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