Elon Musk Is Paged After Dave Rubin Gets Suspended for Tweet on Jordan Peterson's Suspension

The “woke” Twitter Powers That Be have struck again, and this time it’s Dave Rubin who got caught in their crosshairs.

It seems that the popular author and political commentator landed in hot water for the horrible crime of merely criticizing Twitter’s suspension of Canadian professor Jordan Peterson, which happened in late June after he did what in the transgender community is known as “deadnaming” actor Elliot Page, formerly known as Ellen Page before Page started identifying as a man.


For those who missed it, here’s what Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila wrote about it at the time, including a screengrab of the “offending” post where he used Page’s birth name:

Peterson has since said in response to the suspension that he “would rather die” than delete the tweet, and in his absence, he’s had his share of defenders on the Twitter machine, including Rubin.

As to Rubin’s Twitter sin? Check the screengrabs below which include his statement where he absolutely lit up the powerful Big Tech giant:

Rubin being booted on top of Peterson being getting shut down had some paging presumptive future Twitter owner Elon Musk to save it before it’s too late, including New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz.

“Think this through. I think Jordan Peterson’s suspension for deadnaming is also stupid but say you don’t. Someone is not allowed to tweet about his suspension with any detail,” she wrote. “You can not tweet what he did. Middle schoolers are running this place. Elon Musk should comment.”


Meanwhile, Twitter apparently is totally cool with death threats being posted towards conservative Supreme Court Justices because “tolerance” and stuff:

And there’s also the “Is Clarence Thomas Dead?” Twitter account, which posts daily updates on whether or not Thomas is still alive.

This is not the first time calling out Twitter’s suspension lunacy has gotten a conservative suspended. Back in May, Twitter user RB Pundit was suspended after he noted in a tweet how he himself had been suspended in the past for seven days for saying something that wasn’t even remotely as bad as what failed “Independent” candidate for Congress Steve Cox posted about how “When he [Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh] moves his family to a hotel, empty his house and burn his sh*t in front of the hotel,” a post which they allowed to stand.

At the end of RB’s tweet, he suggested that this was exactly the type of bias Elon Musk needed to address when and if the sale of Twitter goes through. Sometime after that, RB found out that they’d locked his account for (what I recall to be) 24 hours.


The lunatics continue to run the Twitter asylum. I’m still on the fence about how and if Musk can bring it back to what it once was before the woke mobs took over, but I’m very interested in finding out because there’s little hope of it getting better there otherwise.

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