Chuck Todd Goes for Broke as Writing on the Wall For Democrats Becomes More Ominous

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On the surface, journalists in the mainstream media are supposed to be big-time champions of the First Amendment – especially considering their line of work, second only to elected officials, who themselves are supposed to understand that freedom of speech is an absolutely essential and vital component of a free and properly functioning society where everyone gets a say in the process.


Unfortunately, the last ten years or so have been a “words are violence”-type era according to the far-left and their obedient enablers in the MSM, so much so that cancel culture for individuals and threats of economic boycotts for states who don’t toe the “woke” line have become key weapons in their arsenals against their political opposition. These are right behind the far more dangerous tactic of powerful officials in the federal government including presidents weaponizing various departments – or creating new ones – specifically for the purposes of quashing dissent, a practice that goes back several decades.

It is with that in mind that we turn to a recent rant from MSDNC’s Chuck Todd, a loyal Democratic apologist who hosts the network’s Sunday “Meet the Press” program as well as “Meet the Press Daily.” On the Tuesday show, a visibly agitated Todd went full-metal dictator in response to the horrific Buffalo mass shooting tragedy from Saturday that left ten dead and three injured in what was a racially-motivated attack.

In a discussion with D.C. correspondent Garret Haake, Todd lashed out at Republicans who he said were impediments to getting meaningful things done that might prevent the next racist from committing a mass shooting. At one point, Todd actually proclaimed that Republicans opposing Joe Biden’s nakedly partisan Ministry of Truth by invoking freedom of speech was some sort of code they were trying to send to white supremacists or something who Todd alleged the GOP had been “appeasing” for quite some time:


“Well, Garrett, look at the way the right tried to weaponize the idea that the DHS was going to essentially try and attempt to – to monitor hateful rhetoric, right? They want to make it seem as if it’s some sort of Big Brother. And it’s like, this is always what the right does to appease the white supremacist movement by saying ‘hey, free speech. Don’t touch speech.'”


Tucker Carlson made a good point Monday in his commentary on the left/media trying to blame him for the Buffalo mass shooting, and I think it needs to be re-emphasized here considering the Democrats’ stepped-up efforts at stifling dissent.

Invariably after these things happen, Democrats always look for – and call for – ways to punish speech, even speech they deem as “hateful” which most of the time, in reality, is no more than legitimate disagreements with Democratic policies and politicians. In fact, sometimes they don’t even wait for such tragedies to happen.


For instance, former President Barack Obama weaponized the IRS against conservative groups merely because they dared to openly criticize his bloated big government agenda which included Obamacare. Instead of wanting to investigate their actions, the MSM looked for ways to discredit Obama’s critics, with “racism” being the card that was played the most – not because his critics were lying or were racist but because covering for Democrats when they behave badly is just what the media does.

After the Gabby Giffords mass shooting in Arizona, Obama infamously called for a “new tone” – which was code for “Republicans shut up while we pass our agenda.” The MSM eagerly went along with it, with some even calling for no longer using terms like “crosshairs” and “bullseye” in their political coverage.

And yet Maxine Waters and other prominent and powerful Democrats can call for an aggressive, confrontational response to Republicans, and these same people in both government and the media who are supposedly so concerned about what “incendiary rhetoric” could lead to just look the other way.

Why is that? Because these things are always one-way streets for the left. In their view, it is entirely appropriate to cancel their political opposition and use the federal government to squelch their voices if it means furthering their agenda, all under the guise of “keeping Americans safe.” On the flip side, let one Republican even hint that a Democrat has gone over the line and all of a sudden “FREE SPEECH IS UNDER ATTACK!” and “WE MUST DO SOMETHING!”


One of the biggest differences between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to free speech is that Republicans as a general rule want and will fight for freedom of speech for all, even speech they find offensive. Democrats as a general rule don’t want words uttered that could derail their agenda, so they call anything contra to their narratives “hatetful” speech that must be monitored by the government.

That Chuck Todd misconstrues “free speech” as a code signal from conservatives to white supremacists just shows how desperate he and others in the media have become as the left’s culture war losses pile up and the writing on the wall for Democrats about the 2022 midterms becomes more clear and ominous.

Todd’s rant was not about protecting minority communities. The only “minorities” the media want to rescue in this country are the Democrats in the House and Senate who are likely to become the minority party once the fall elections are over. Remember that the next time you hear “journalists” like Chuck Todd complain about how “dangerous” Republicans have the audacity to want to defend free speech.

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