MSDNC's Chuck Todd Hardest Hit After Announcement Is Made About 'Meet the Press Daily'

MSDNC's Chuck Todd Hardest Hit After Announcement Is Made About 'Meet the Press Daily'
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As we’ve noted before, Chuck Todd is the quintessential Democrat party apologist/Republican basher of the Beltway press corps.

There is not a Democratic scandal nor any other type of “Dems in disarray” story that he won’t try to put his best spin on, whether it is declaring it “overblown,” a “made-up issue,” or insulting the majority of Americans who give President Biden low approval ratings by suggesting they are too dumb to see all the great work Biden has supposedly done.

In rare instances, Todd will reluctantly acknowledge the legitimacy of a “bad news for Democrats” story while also using his powerful platform as an anchor on the once-prestigious Sunday “Meet the Press” program to offer Democrats his advice on what to do to get beyond the latest bad news cycle.

Believe it or not, Todd also has his share of detractors on the far-left who, hilariously enough, think he plays nice too often with Republicans. It’s not uncommon to see them get Chuck Todd’s name to trend on Twitter because of their desire to get him canned from the NBC News network.

Though Todd’s liberal critics haven’t yet gotten what they wanted, surely the news that came out of NBC News Friday on the fate of his MSNBC “Meet the Press Daily” show will please them nevertheless. The program has apparently been performing so poorly in the ratings among the key demographics that it is being kicked off the cable news channel and shuffled to its streaming platform:

Meet the Press Daily with Chuck Todd will move from MSNBC to the network streaming service NBC News Now.

Starting on June 6, his daily show will stream as Meet the Press Now, marking the latest effort to expand the offerings on the free platform.


Todd has moderated Sunday’s Meet the Press, the longest running show in TV history, since 2014. He launched the spinoff Meet the Press Daily on MSNBC, starting in 2015 with a late-afternoon dose of D.C. newsmakers. The show moved to it early afternoon timeslot in 2020.

The one-hour MTP Daily has been trailing its cable news rivals in total viewers and the 25-54 demo. It averaged 681,000 total viewers in April, according to Nielsen. Fox News’ America Reports has won the slot, drawing an average of 1.6 million over its two-hour time frame, while CNN posted 776,000 for CNN Newsroom with Ana Cabrera.

The move comes amidst other line-up changes at MSNBC, including the recent announcement that the “star” of MSNBC – Rachel Maddow – would only be returning to the network for a once-a-week show, a big departure from her previous five-days-a-week role.

Also, White House press secretary Jen Psaki will soon be departing the Biden administration in the next week to take her own seat at the table at the liberal news network, with an as-yet-to-be-announced program in a new gig on MSNBC’s “Peacock” streaming service.

I have to say that when I first read the news that MTP Daily was moving to the streaming side, I was concerned. I was relieved to find out where Todd’s daily show was going would be “free” to watch, because the thought of having to pay to watch Todd trash Republicans and do pillow-plumping for Democrats as part of my role as a media critic makes my stomach hurt. As the old saying goes, however, it’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it…

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