Megyn Kelly Just Levels Woke Democrat, Raises Larger Point in Debate Over 'Women's Rights'

Megyn Kelly Just Levels Woke Democrat, Raises Larger Point in Debate Over 'Women's Rights'
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It seems pretty unbelievable that here we are in 2022 and yet women across this country are in similar positions to those who grew up during a time in America’s history where women were told to shut up and look pretty while the men did all the talking.

The issue I’m talking about is not so-called “abortion rights,” although that one has certainly gotten a whole lot of attention over the last several days after the big story from Politico on Monday regarding the draft majority opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in which he declared “We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled.”

What I’m talking about is the continued selling out of women and attempts at shutuppery and language policing by self-proclaimed “feminists” (male and female alike) on gender identity politics issues, specifically as it relates to the erasure of women altogether in public discourse – a disturbing development that is already underway.

Over the last several years, “transgender rights” and “women’s rights” have intersected much in the way a VW bug driver who hits the gas when the light turns green “intersects” with a transfer trucker who runs the red light. Radical activists and prominent Democrat “leaders” who previously warned of a mythical GOP “war on women” have enthusiastically embraced insulting terms like “birthing people,” “menstruating people,” “bleeders,” and “bodies with vaginas” to describe women, all in an effort to accomodate the transgender community.

In the process, however, and as noted above, the use of terminology that boils women down to their lady parts coupled with the aggressive push to allow transgender women (who were born biological men) in women’s sports, dressing rooms, etc. has the effect over time of slowly erasing women, their rights, their autonomy and ultimately takes women back decades as those who oppose such efforts are told to stay in their lane – ironically by some of the very same people who have styled themselves as staunch defenders of women’s rights.

We’re seeing this play out as we speak, as evidenced by the tweet below from Wisconsin Democrat state Rep. Francesca Hong, a BLM-supporting, “wear your damn mask” “she/her” type according to her Twitter bio who referred to women as “birthing bodies” while advocating for upholding Roe v. Wade:

Independent journalist Megyn Kelly saw Rep. Hong’s ridiculous remarks, and responded accordingly:

An unfortunate “comedy sketch” that isn’t remotely funny considering what’s at stake for future generations of women in the event this country stays on the “woke” path on this matter.

Another Twitter user also took issue with Kong’s statement, and posted this helpful chart that referenced the different types of “dehumanizing language” that shouldn’t be used to describe actual women:

I’ve said it before and will say it again here: Women’s rights and transgender rights can only coexist so much, in my opinion. While transgender persons should not be bullied nor treated like second class citizens and should have the same rights every other American in this country has, the idea that “special rights” should be afforded to them (or any other minority group) is offensive especially considering the type of special rights being demanded are in direct conflict with many of the rights women have fought for over the last several decades.

One cannot claim to be a passionate defender of women while at the same time participating in calculated campaigns organized by radical special interest groups on the left that marginalize women by suggesting there are no differences between women who were born women and those who merely identify as one.

It’s just that simple.

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