AOC Trips Over Her Own Woke-ism in Interview Demonstrating the Absurdity of the Modern Left

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While there’s plenty to complain about regarding the economic and foreign policy positions pushed by the left, there continues to be nothing more absurd than the banner of woke-ism used to push for social change. What that change looks like depends on a variety of conflicting factors because logic, reason, and consistency need not apply.


Want an example of what I mean? Yeah, I knew you did so here you go.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared on CNN last night with Anderson Cooper. While attempting to bash Texas’ abortion bill, she tripped over her own woke ideology no less than three times, seemingly unable to settle on the least offensive way to frame the issue. Because when a woman isn’t just a woman, you end up with this.

The left finds itself at a crossroads with its response to the Texas abortion bill. Do they lean into the idea that any limitation on the inhumane, disgusting act of abortion is an attack on “women?” Or do they pander to the transgender ideology they’ve made a centerpiece of their “social justice” movement? Because they can’t do both without offending one side or the other.

In this interview, AOC can’t seem to figure out the right answer because who can when we are literally being told that men can give birth? At one point, she wants to call those affected by the bill “people who give birth,” but that then undermines the accusations that abortion laws are about controlling women. In response, she then moves to the term “women” to make the cause that killing babies is about feminism. Yet, she is forced to correct herself again later, moving to the ridiculous descriptor “menstruating person.”


None of this makes any sense, and I think that deep down, AOC understands that as do most of the people who subscribe to this lunacy. But they’ve painted themselves into a corner, and the only direction they know how to move is forward. To admit that the abortion issue is about women negates their transgender ideology, but to bring in their transgender ideology undercuts the abortion lobby’s chief attack that being a woman is the cardinal issue. The circular firing squad is complete as feminist groups battle transgender groups for supremacy among the left’s victimology.

At the end of the day, the woke are going to continue to eat their own in a civil war of intersectionalism. Meanwhile, the rest of the country will keep looking at them cross-eyed.


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