L.A. Times Editorial Telling Women to Get Over Seeing Men's Genitalia in Locker Rooms Is Something Else

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Just when I think I’ve seen it all from so-called “progressives” and their allies in the mainstream press in the debate over transgender rights, one of them surprises me with something even more ridiculously idiotic and twisted than the last.


You may recall that a few weeks ago there was a big controversy out in Los Angeles after Wi Spa allowed someone claiming to be a transgender woman to walk around in the women’s section completely naked with their man parts on full display. This understandably outraged a number of female customers, one of who filmed a video confronting an employee of the spa and asking him why it was okay.

“So Wi Spa is in agreement with men that just say they are a woman and they can go down there with their penis and get into the women’s section?” she asked incredulously at the time. Though it was hard to hear their response, it sounded like the Wi Spa employee told the woman it was the law that allowed the supposed transgender woman to do just that.

Also seen in the video clip was a woman demanding a refund, and other women who were clearly shaken up. In addition to that, two random men proceeded to mansplain using crude language towards the woman filming the video about what she should and should not be okay with seeing in the women’s section.

For those who missed the video clips of the woman’s rant, click here to watch (language warning applies).

Since that time, dueling protests have been held in front of the spa, with one of them involving Antifa thugs who attacked people who opposed the spa’s stance.


A couple of weeks after the incident, the liberals at the L.A. Times editorial board published their 2 cents worth. It wasn’t a surprise to see them defend Wi Spa. What was surprising, however, was the lengths they went to to tell women including those who have experienced sexual assault that, yes, we understand your concerns and yes some religions forbid situations like what happened at Wi Spa, but your discomfort is secondary to a person’s right to identify as whatever gender they want to and to flaunt it accordingly (bolded emphasis added):

As complicated as the opposing beliefs might be, it is clear where the rights in this matter land. Everyone — transgender customers, members of every faith and women who are upset by the sight of penises — has the right to use the spa and other public accommodations. It just happens that in this case, the public accommodation also includes nudity.

But no one has an absolute right to feel comfortable all the time. People have a right to use the spa, but that doesn’t include with it a guarantee that they all will feel at ease with everything they see. They might prefer a spa where a certain amount of body covering is required.


Future U.S. Supreme Court rulings might well grant faith-based groups the right to set up spas and other accommodations that are in keeping with their beliefs. The balance between freedom of religion and freedom of association, on the one hand, and the right to equal protection under the laws, on the other, is a delicate matter over which there is not yet a prevailing societal consensus.

In the meantime, customers of public-serving businesses should be prepared to share space with the public, in all our forms, varieties and customs. Anti-discrimination laws stand for the principle that all are welcome, whether we are comfortable or not.


I was reminded of what my hometown newspaper the Charlotte Disturber, I mean Observer, wrote back in 2016 during the HB2 “bathroom bill” drama when I saw the L.A. Times editorial:

Let’s rewind back to the late 60s and 70s during the height of the women’s lib movement and imagine what the reaction would have been from those same feminists if they’d read anything from the sort at the time from the L.A. Times, Charlotte Observer, or any other newspaper suggesting women get over having their safe spaces intruded by men who wanted to walk around in front of them naked.

Any such paper would have been protested out of existence for daring to say such a thing. After all, for centuries women were subjugated and told that a man’s word was the final word. What little bit that was good about the 60s and 70s feminist movement was to move away from that philosophy once and for all, but yet here we are some 50 years later and women are being told by so-called “progressives” to sit back and take it.

As I said before, the woman in the video raising hell is all of us – men and women alike – who are fed up with the politically correct BS and who are being told to by Democrats, liberal newspaper editorial boards, and the like to get over it in the name of “progress” or whatever. No matter what the courts decide on down the line about women’s rights and those of transgender persons, this battle will never be over until women feel safe in gender-segregated facilities – and in their chosen sport – again.


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