NC Governor Caught in Flagrant 'Rules for Thee' Moment During Electric Vehicle Promo Event

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Not a week goes by that some prominent Democrat public figure in the United States doesn’t get caught engaging in “rules for thee, not for me” hypocrisy, and this week has been no exception.


A lot of the “rules for thee” we’ve seen from Democrats over the last couple of years of the coronavirus pandemic has been related to mask-wearing, social distancing, and attending crowded indoor functions – all while urging everyone else to “follow the rules” in the interest of “public safety.” But this week’s example is a little different, and comes courtesy of North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper.

Cooper has made it a priority of his administration to fight so-called “climate change.” In January, Cooper issued an executive order that, among other things, set “a goal of getting 1.25 million zero-emissions electric vehicles on state roads by 2030.” It also directed the state DOT to come up with a plan that “would include boosting electric cars, trucks and buses and reducing the number of vehicle miles traveled on state roads.”

To demonstrate he’s serious about combating climate change, Cooper attended an event in Charlotte Thursday where a “first of its kind” electric vehicle charging station was unveiled to much fanfare and oohing and ahhing. Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles (D) was also on hand (note: neither are in the below photo):


But unless one had actually heard Cooper previously speak of his supposed commitment to a “cleaner climate,” they wouldn’t know it based on how he got to the event in the first place — via a gas-guzzling motorcade:

I guess one could call this another type of “EV” – electric virtue signaling.

What also perplexed some Charlotte residents was why this specific location was chosen for a charging station, considering the neighborhood. Per WBT News reporter Brett Jensen:

“I asked Mayor Lyles why the city chose an area where there are few, if any, electric cars for this $10,000 charging station. She told me I shouldn’t presume there aren’t electric cars here. A CLT employee then told me don’t be surprised if the station was stripped bare in a week.”


WSOC-TV’s Joe Bruno asked one community member if anyone ever used the charging station. The man’s response was to laugh and say “hell no.”

But hey, no big deal, since apparently, this was a campaign promise made and filled by Cooper – at taxpayer’s expense:

Move along, nothing to see here – right?

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Editor’s note: this article was edited for content after publication. Gov. Cooper is term-limited, so is not up for reelection.



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