MSNBC's Katy Tur Urges People to Get the Vaccine, but Something Important Was Omitted From Her Lecture

MSNBC's Katy Tur Urges People to Get the Vaccine, but Something Important Was Omitted From Her Lecture
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The first truckloads of the Pfizer Wuhan virus vaccine were rolled out Sunday for delivery and distribution to frontline healthcare workers and nursing homes, and the mainstream media could barely contain their excitement.

Report after report was filed, printed, and broadcast on how many doses were being shipped, where they were being shipped to, and who would be the first in their respective states to receive the vaccine. The number of photographs taken and videos shot of Queens, NY critical care nurse Sandra Lindsay, who was the first person in the United States to receive the vaccine, probably set some sort of media record.

Along with those reports were the discussions about the amount of vaccine skepticism that exists in America, and how to effectively combat it in order to restore some sense of normalcy here after over 8 months of lockdowns.

One media figure in particular who made it a point this week to try and convince viewers it was safe to take the vaccine was MSNBC anchor Katy Tur, who proceeded to address her audience in a cutesy way as though they were children she was babysitting who needed to be approached with kid gloves:

“There’s a lot of concern about vaccines out there, some understandable trepidation about getting it,” Tur said. “The vaccine is new and it got here in record time. Those of us in the public eye do keep urging you to trust it, and those aren’t just words typed into a teleprompter. We mean them. The vaccine is safe, and yes, we would urge our own family members to get the shots.”

As proof, Tur shared a video of her “baby brother James”, a frontline healthcare worker, getting the vaccine. At the end of her segment, she noted that James had so far not felt any side effects.


As I watched the clip, my thoughts once again turned to the media’s/left’s months-long effort to outright sabotage President Trump on his claims regarding various treatments for the virus including on his predictions of an accelerated timeline for the vaccine’s availability. I specifically remembered how Democrats, “reporters” and left-wing commentators at liberal media “news” outlets like MSNBC and CNN deliberately undermined the public’s confidence in the vaccine prior to the election, claiming Trump was effectively advocating killing people with an unproven vaccine in order to “rush” it to the public before the end of the year.

And my blood began to boil. Here was my response:

On one hand, I get the excitement about the vaccine. My mom, dad and I all had the coronavirus back in August and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It was not a pleasant experience. We were fortunate that we recovered, but we’re still feeling some lingering side effects from it.

On the other hand, the media and Democrats including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris did their level best to amp up the skepticism on the vaccine – not because of science, but for the sole purpose of hurting President Trump on Election Day. They knew damned well that the drug companies weren’t going to put anything out there that had not been tested and run through all the necessary trials, etc. Nevertheless, the media and the left went on a deliberate scare campaign and all but flat out told voters not to trust it.

And now all of them have magically done a 180 on the very vaccine they urged people to be skeptical of for months. Why? To give Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the credit for “America’s virus recovery” once it starts.

This to me is no different than Nancy Pelosi purposely stalling the COVID relief bill until after the election. The media and Democrats alike DELIBERATELY manipulated people about the vaccine and the COVID relief bill until after Election Day in hopes their misinformation campaign would defeat Trump and give Biden some early “victories.”

It’s absolutely disgusting, so forgive me if I don’t break out the pom-poms and cheerleader outfit to join the MSM in celebration of the rollout. Do I want the vaccine to be successful in preventing the virus? Yes. But I also want the media and Democrats to be held to account in the court of public opinion for the serious damage they did to America’s confidence in the vaccine in the run-up to the election.

In my view, it’s unforgivable, especially considering these are some of the people who ran “COVID case count/death” trackers on their screens on an ongoing basis. They cared so much about helping people avoid the virus that they downplayed the vaccine because Orange Man Bad. That’s about as depraved as it gets, and I personally am in no mood to show them any leniency or forgiveness on the matter.

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