Joe Biden’s 'Negro' Quote Earns Hilarious Label From Twitter as 'Fact Checkers' Spin Like Tops

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We previously reported on how some in the media rushed into damage control mode Thursday in the latest round of “Protect Joe” after President Biden called the late Major League Baseball legend/icon Satchel Paige a “negro.”


For those who missed it, Biden was giving a speech on Veterans Day at Arlington National Cemetary when he made the comments, which I’m providing below just so I don’t get accused of taking the current White House occupant out of context:

I want to welcome all the Cabinet members and honored guests joining us today, including the father of our Secretary of State, who served in the Army Air Corps during World War Two, Ambassador Donald Blinken, whose birthday is today. Happy Birthday. (Applause.) Thank you for your service to our country.

And I just want to tell you, I know you’re a little younger than I am, but, you know, I’ve adopted the attitude of the great Negro — at the time, pitcher in the Negro Leagues — went on to become a great pitcher in the pros — in the Major League Baseball after Jackie Robinson. His name was Satchel Paige.

Naturally, when members of the media hit the Code Red button to alert each other that it’s once again time to Protect the Precious, their colleagues on the “fact-checking” side often also jump in to “confirm” the media’s spin, which Snopes, Politifact, and Reuters have already done in a matter of 24 hours by laughably suggesting discussion/reporting on the comments “lacked context,” while Politifact also brought up the fact that Biden sometimes has a stuttering problem to try and explain what happened.


Compounding the hilarity of the collective Defend Biden effort, Twitter also jumped into the debate in their “events” section to amplify the claims from “fact-checkers” as though a single person in this country should trust anything fact-checkers say at a time when their liberal bias could not be more obvious.

“Edited clips of Joe Biden’s remarks about Black baseball player Satchel Paige lack some context, fact-checkers say,” the promo on the right-side Twitter column read.

But although Twitter trying to echo the chorus of (discredited) so-called fact-checkers was entirely predictable, what was absolutely hilarious in an unintentional way was that when you clicked on that Twitter “events” link, you got the below messages, the first one being what the fact-checkers proclaimed, and the next being a … “sensitive content” label on the discussion:

LOL. Is it really that “sensitive”? I mean I know “negro” really isn’t used anymore (it became socially unacceptable to do so starting in the late 60s) – which is why Biden’s use of it was so shocking to some, but is a discussion of the term in modern times really so triggering that it needs a “sensitive” label attached to it? If so, the people “offended” by the discussion of it really need to grow a pair and get over it.


This sort of reminds me of the CNN-driven “outrage” from yesterday over Rittenhouse trial judge Bruce Schroeder making a comment before lunchtime regarding a timeline for the arrival of the Asian food that had presumably been ordered for him and members of the court. “I hope the Asian food isn’t coming.. isn’t on one of those boats from Long Beach Harbor,” he stated.

CNN “reporters” erupted on Twitter over his use of the word “Asian” to describe Asian food, so much so that a full report was written about the nontroversy just hours later with “experts” weighing in as to why it was “insensitive” of Schroeder to say what he did (which, in reality was a quip about the supply chain crisis, not Asian food).

It was a perfect example of fake news being pushed in real-time by a purported national news outlet, but then again this is CNN we’re talking about here, so no one should be surprised that such tactics are utilized there considering the fact that CNN is not a real news organization.

Speaking of CNN, their fact-checker Daniel Dale has not yet weighed in yet with his official ruling on Joe Biden’s use of the word “negro” as of this writing, but we’ll assume he’s still Zaprudering the video at this hour and will give us his important thoughts as soon as he’s had time to formulate yet another “fact-checker” defense of Joe.


Stay tuned.

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