Media Turns Reality on Its Head to Spin Biden's Satchel Paige Gaffe

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We reported earlier on Joe Biden’s remarks at Arlington National Cemetery. During the remarks, he referred to the famous baseball player Satchel Paige as “the great negro.”


“I know that you’re a little younger than I am,” Biden joked. “But I’ve adopted the attitude of the great negro, at the time, preacher in the Negro Leagues, went on to become a great pitcher in the pros and Major League Baseball after Jackie Robinson, his name was Satchel Paige.”

So either Biden was so incoherent he couldn’t get the words out right or he was having a racist moment, you can take your pick. Neither one is a good choice and neither is acceptable when we so desperately need a competent person in that office. He also said “preacher” instead of “pitcher.”

As I pointed out there are a ton of racially questionable remarks in Biden’s past, so this isn’t the first one. In my humble opinion, he does have some kind of a problem.

But when you’re Joe Biden and a Democrat that means that you get a lot of media help in your defense.

Biden got some incredible spin from Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher who claimed no, Biden never called Paige “negro” and conservatives were all just lying.


Conservative critics falsely claimed that President Joe Biden referred to legendary pitcher Satchel Paige as a “negro” during a Veterans Day speech — barely more than a week after pulling the same bit on Biden and Pope Francis.

Variations on the same claim spread like wildfire among verified conservative Twitter users Thursday: that the president had referred to the late Hall of Famer as “the great negro at the time,” some even including a clip that plainly reveals the falsehood of the attack:

Um, no, the video and even Christopher’s transcript of what was said that he had in his story includes that Biden said it.

I’ve adopted the attitude of the great Negro, at the time, pitcher in the Negro Leagues, went on to become a great pitcher in the pros and Major League Baseball after Jackie Robinson.

Now, Christopher can argue what Biden meant by it and argue he just jumbled his words or some such thing. But he can’t change the reality of what he said. In trying to do that, Christopher is basically saying don’t believe the evidence of your own eyes and ears, believe the spin I put out there to help Biden. Biden literally says it on video and there’s no way around that.


So not only is this dishonest in the extreme to their readers but then it’s spun as though it’s the conservatives who are somehow distorting this out of all reality to hurt poor old Joe and twist his words. Now, you know for darn sure that no Republican would ever get this kind of fawning service. If it had been President Donald Trump, the media would have had him drawn and quartered; it would be on 24/7 coverage.

But this is where we are at, at this point, with folks on the left denying all reality if it’s harmful to their cause.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Biden, they’re going to have to continue to deny a lot, including the record inflation and the failure to resolve any of the continuing issues.


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