The Truth Behind Media Fact-Checkers -- Brad Slager and Newsbusters' Tim Graham Discuss Press Propagandists

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In a podcast episode, fact-checkers are held accountable as two media reporters discuss numerous issues with these truth detectors — and Zima!

In a recent post here on the front page, Jennifer Van Laar walked readers through the process conservative outlets like RedState endure at the hands of the gathered fact-check boards who police the content on social media. Van Laar details the lengths these arbiters go to justify leveraging punishments against outlets, passing judgments to justify impacting viewership and engagement.


I had the opportunity to sit in with Tim Graham, longtime editor and senior member of the Media Resource Center division, NewsBusters. Tim and I both spend plenty of time monitoring the media and covering the methods they employ to direct news narratives. At my Townhall column, Riffed From The Headlines, I detail the methods in a variety of categories, one of those being the use of fact-checking to control or alter the news cycle.

This was a topic for our discussion, springboarding from my RedState article where I showed the various ways multiple fact-check outlets approached the Joe Biden town hall, held on CNN. From there we explored a few other methods which these self-appointed arbiters of the truth use, from news avoidance to reframing interpretations and even allowing one party the time to make corrections on provably false comments.

We had a rousing time in an enjoyable discussion, and we even got to the core of a deeply important side topic — what is with my affection for Zima?!

Tim can be followed at his NewsBusters outlet, where he delivers columns daily and multiple podcasts per week. He is also a guest contributor at our partner site, To follow my daily media column where I expose the exploits and inexplicable behavior of the press all you need is a Townhall VIP membership, where right now we are offering up deep discounts for subscriptions.


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