Larry Sabato Disgraces Himself on MSNBC in Rant on Virginia Governor's Race

Larry Sabato Disgraces Himself on MSNBC in Rant on Virginia Governor's Race
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Here we are just a few hours away from the polls opening in Virginia to decide what some have characterized as a “bellwether” race between Democrat nominee Terry McAuliffe and Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin. As per the norm, all the stops are being pulled by frantic McAuliffe and his allies as more polls confirm his campaign is sinking.

When a Democrat gets desperate in a race they’ve fallen behind in, their most tried and true tactic is to trot out the raaaacism card. Now, McAuliffe of course has had the card tattooed on his forehead for months now, insulting Youngkin and at least half of the voters in the state by suggesting racism is behind their opposition to the implementation of Critical Race Theory in public school classrooms.

But despite the fact that the trick doesn’t appear to be working, that hasn’t stopped his unofficial surrogates like the creepers at the Lincoln Project from doing his bidding and staging disgusting stunts like the mock Charlottesville tiki torch rally that happened Friday.

All of this brings me to the latest example of the race card being played on behalf of McAuliffe. Earlier today on MSDNC MSNBC, professor and “political scientist” Larry Sabato, who we’ve been informed is a respectable and reliable pollster, proclaimed that the central issue in this contest was not education and the economy – which numerous polls show. It boiled down to one word, he alleged. “Race” or “white backlash, white resistance, whatever you want to call it.”


Relatedly, another MSNBC commentator – WaPo columnist and editorial board member Jonathan Capeheart – piggybacked on Sabato’s remarks like a good little McAuliffe megaphone:

I’ve seen varying clips of the Sabato interview, and nowhere in them did I see it mentioned that he has a vested interest in seeing McAuliffe win this race. Why? See below:

You’d think MSNBC would find that relevant information to include in any segment involving Sabato providing commentary on this particular race (that and the fact that Sabato’s “Crystal Ball” just declared the race “lean Youngkin”), but I guess when it involves commentators attempting to speak “Truth to Power” or whatever the more inconvenient truths are rather conveniently left out.

Is it “racist” to oppose CRT? No, it’s not – perhaps Sabato and McAuliffe should talk to black parents who have shown up to some of these school board meetings to protest it and call them racists to their faces. But what have parents also been opposing at these meetings? The transgender/gender identity politics dogma that is being preached in schools, terrifying when you consider what happened to the young female student in Loudoun County who was raped by a boy in a skirt who claimed he was “gender fluid.”

Last I checked, opposition to that did not make one a “racist,” either.

What else are they protesting? Not being informed in advance on the teaching of sexually explicit material to their kids. That’s not racist either, and in fact, has been an ongoing debate in school districts across America going back decades. Did I mention this isn’t “racist,” either?

Larry Sabato is a clown, but the bigger thing to remember here is that he’s Terry McAuliffe’s clown, basically saying everything McAuliffe already has about concerned parents and Youngkin alike.

As I said yesterday, what McAuliffe is doing in this race is truly bizarre. Unlike Youngkin, McAuliffe has taken a novel approach to trying to pick up support.

He’s decided that he will not only insult a voter’s intelligence but that he’ll also dig a deeper hole by insulting voters themselves (including some in his own party) – and then expects them to say “more, please.” His campaign has been the 2021 version of Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign, where she infamously declared half of the then-GOP nominee Donald Trump’s supporters to be “deplorables.”

In fact, the only people who seem obsessed with race in this campaign are … Terry McAuliffe and his surrogates. Think about it.

Clinton’s tactic backfired, And McAuliffe’s has, too. The only thing left for Virginia voters to do is what a majority of voters did to Clinton in 2016: Show him the door.

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