Veteran Puts Biden, Dems on Notice: You Don't Speak for Hispanics

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I’m going to purposely bury the lede, gang. Deep.

Let’s begin with a hypothetical that will never happen but will illustrate the blatant hypocrisy of the Democrat Party. Pretend Gallup or any reputable polling organization positioned pollsters along the southern border whose job would be to canvass illegal aliens — as they steam into the United States in droves — about who they would ultimately vote for if they became U.S. citizens and were given the right to vote.


Now pretend — and this wouldn’t happen but stay with me — illegals told the pollsters they would vote Republican in overwhelming numbers, vs. the current reality of Hispanic Americans overwhelmingly voting Democrat. Know what would happen? Me, too.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, CNN, MSNBC, and the entire Democrat Party would lock arms and form a human chain on the border stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico in a desperate attempt to keep illegals the hell out of the country.

The reality is the Democrat Party takes advantage of and panders to Hispanics for the sole purpose of the voting booth; precisely as they have exploited and pandered to Black America for more than six decades.

But here’s the deal. Donald Trump in 2020 outperformed his 2016 showing among Hispanic voters, earning the support of about one in three Hispanic voters nationwide, even though Biden won the Hispanic vote by a roughly two-to-one margin overall. (Trump realized similar increases over 2016 in the Black vote.)

The bottom line:

An increasing percentage of Hispanic (and Black) Americans clearly told the Democrat Party in 2020: You don’t speak for us. One such Hispanic is Christopher Rodriguez, a GOP congressional candidate, who is also a small business owner and U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran. Rodriguez told “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade on Monday he didn’t fight for Americans’ freedom to let the radical left destroy it.


In addition, Rodriquez in a Saturday op-ed for Fox News explained that as Democrats have shifted farther and farther to the left, more and more Hispanic voters are refusing to follow them. “One thing I celebrated this past Hispanic Heritage Month,” Rodriguez wrote, “Democrats no longer have a monopoly on the Hispanic community.”

Rodriguez wrote (emphasis, mine):

I’m not just in touch with the working-class Hispanic voters who the elites in the Democrat Party pretend to speak forI am one. I grew up with a drug-abusive father; I lifted myself out of poverty; I served my country in Iraq; I launched my own business from nothing and have raised a beautiful family with seven kids.

Millions of Hispanics have lived through their own personal experiences in pursuit of the American dream. Unlike the Leftists running the Democrat Party these days, we know it is alive and well. So believe me when I say: the Hispanic community is becoming more disillusioned by the day with the Democrats’ embrace of the radical Left.


“Hispanics are not ‘drifting rightward,'” Rodriguez said, “as some pundits suggest.”

We’re exactly where we’ve been for generations: believing in the value of hard work, family, God, safe communities, and the freedom and opportunity that comes from the American dream.

It’s the Democrats who have shifted radically to the Left, leading Hispanic voters down a radical path millions of us don’t want to follow […] and strengthening the voice of a new generation of conservative Hispanic leadership.

“In fact,” Rodriguez wrote, “it’s one of the reasons I’m running for Congress.”

I have heard similar comments for some time from former Democrats across the board — “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me,” which has often caused me to reflect on the 1960 inaugural address of John F. Kennedy, who famously implored: “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” Imagine for a nanosecond the repercussions if a 2021 Democrat candidate for any office made a similar statement. Adios, pal — kiss your political aspirations bye-bye.

Rodriguez then ran through several examples of how the Democrat Party panders to Hispanics, including the ridiculous made-up descriptor, “LatinX.” (Pew Research Center in August 2020 found that about one in four Hispanics have heard of the silly word, while just three percent said they use it.)


Let’s start with the Democrat elites’ crazed devotion to using the word “LatinX.” No one — and I mean no one — who actually lives in a Hispanic community uses that word. It’s not even a word in Spanish — it’s woke nonsense being forced on our community by liberal English-speaking Whites pushing their left-wing gender theory agendas. It’s insulting, and we notice.

Rodriguez called Trump’s policies a game-changer for Hispanic voters, despite the lapdog media narrative.

Take the Democrats’ leadership on the economy. President Trump’s policies were, contrary to the media narrative, a game-changer for Hispanic voters. The Trump economy created unprecedented job growth, wage growth, home ownership and business creation for Hispanics. In fact, under his leadership, the Hispanic poverty rate declined to an all-time low. Thanks to President Trump, Hispanics were on the cusp of unprecedented economic freedom.

Next up, several “We notice” examples, including Biden’s “leadership” of the military, vs. under Trump.

Take President Biden’s leadership of the military, where hundreds of thousands of Hispanics currently serve on active duty. A million more, like myself, are proud veterans. Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving Americans and our allies behind so he could meet a completely arbitrary deadline, has left service members of all backgrounds disgusted by his actions.

Meanwhile, our top generals seem more focused on politics and wokeness than on strength and security. We remember the days under President Trump when serving in the U.S. military meant something. Now, we are not so sure. I hear it every day. Camp Pendleton, home to nearly 70,000 service members, is in my district.

We notice.


And the Biden Border Crisis? “We notice,” wrote Rodriguez.

Take President Biden’s handling of the border crisis. Contrary to the media narrative, Hispanic voters understand that the only way to have a safe and prosperous America is to have a border that both fairly welcomes legal immigrants and maintains law and order.

We are all too familiar with the gangs, human traffickers, and drug smugglers that take advantage of the chaos. Hispanics value safe communities – it’s why the Hispanic leadership of the National Border Patrol Council and the National Latino Peace Officers Association Advocacy wholeheartedly endorsed President Trump.

“There’s a reason President Trump and the Republican Party saw huge shifts in Hispanic support across the country in 2020,” Rodriguez summed up.

Moreover, the more Biden that Hispanics — and the rest of us — are forced to endure, the more reason Hispanics will have to reject the radical ideological nonsense of the left — which the acuity-challenged president dutifully and blindly backs, like a clapping seal.

Meanwhile, Hispanics — and the rest of us — pay.

It’s not just Hispanics who continue to grow more and more disillusioned with Biden and the Democrats, as my colleague Sister Toldjah reported recently:

The Startling Statistic That Could Spell Doom for Joe Biden

Meanwhile, white Democrats, knock off the ridiculous “LatinX,” won’t you? Not a chance.



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