‘Journalists’ Make Things Worse for Biden - and Themselves - After Botched Response to Sinema Incident

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It is without fail that whenever President Joe Biden finds himself on the receiving end of legitimate criticisms from his political opposition (which is quite literally every day, almost every hour), there will be an array of Democrat apologists in the mainstream media who rush to his defense in order to suggest that whatever he said or did was either taken out of context or was really not the shocking moment people make it out to be.


Today was no exception.

As my RedState colleague Bonchie reported earlier, Biden was asked during a press conference today about the disturbing incident from over the weekend where Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was stalked by so-called “immigrant youths” at Arizona State University as she went to use the women’s restroom. Not only was she followed in by female and male “activists” alike, but their actions might have actually been criminal based on a simple reading of Arizona law.

While Sinema has condemned what happened and one of the “immigrant youths” who filmed Sinema’s closed bathroom stall has tried to defend herself against the mountain of criticism, Biden’s response was to stay that, “I don’t think they’re appropriate tactics, but it happens to everybody [laughs]. The only people it doesn’t happen are people who have Secret Service standing around. It’s part of the process.”

While it is indeed and unfortunately “part of the process” for President Hair Sniffer to give women the kind of, er, attention they most certainly don’t want, I’m certain that hounding them as they’re going to do their personal business in the bathroom is not.


In any event, after Biden completely botched the response to what happened, supposedly unbiased “journalists” predictably came to his aid, whining on the Twitter machine that part of his response was left out of a video tweet that has started to go viral.

There was New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman:

Washington Post “fact-checker” Glenn Kessler retweeted her:

CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski, who is never shy of all but admitting what political team he goes to bat for each day, also weighed in:

$10 bucks says Twitter slaps a “manipulated media” label on it within a few hours, even though it wasn’t altered in any way. Change my mind.


What Haberman, Kessler, Kaczynski, and all the others in the MSM falling on their swords for Biden either can’t see or are conveniently ignoring is that there should have been no “buts” whatsoever after what he said about it being inappropriate. Some things deserve unequivocal condemnation. Sinema being harassed during a potty break was definitely one of those times.

When he added on “it’s part of the process,” not only did he negate the first part of what he said, but he essentially greenlighted such tactics. If a Republican President had done similarly, trust me when I say there would have been no “but you left this part out of what he said” tweets from these people.

On a related note, Huffington Post politics reporter Igor Bobic did in fact misinform readers with what he tweeted about Biden’s comments. Instead of tacking on the “it’s part of the process,” Bobic simply reported that Biden said, “I don’t think they’re appropriate tactics.”

Will Haberman, Kessler, and Kaczynski make sure to correct him for the record? Of course not. And that’s part of the problem.


So as it turns out, in addition to Democrats reminding us today of who they really are with their reactions to the Sinema incident, journalists are, too, and making it even more obvious in the process how they still don’t give a darm about trust in the media plummeting over the last five years.

As per the norm, it’s all about narratives with these people, and to hell with actual journalism.

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