Yikes: Joe Biden's Response to Kyrsten Sinema Being Accosted Sets off Alarm Bells

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Yesterday, illegal immigrant activists (who also happen to be illegal immigrants themselves) verbally accosted Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. But what made the scene especially egregious was that they followed the Arizona senator into the restroom, with one person appearing to film through a crack in her stall as they shouted about a “pathway to citizenship.” Sinema has since denounced the attack that occurred at Arizona State University.


In the aftermath, we are beginning to get reactions to what happened, and one came from Joe Biden after he was asked about what transpired. His answer was a big “yikes” moment as he seemingly dismissed concerns and did nothing to speak up for Sinema.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure verbally attacking a female senator while she uses the restroom is not part of the legislative process. And while Biden claims it happens to everyone in a smug, dismissive tone, I’ve never heard of him being filmed at the urinal over his policy positions. That does, in fact, seem like a line is being crossed that isn’t typical. Instead of pointing that out, this colossal coward bent his knee to the left-wing activists who perpetrated the gross invasion of privacy that has now gone viral.

There are two parts to this. There’s the issue of how deranged it is to attack a public official like this, which as I indicated, Biden failed miserably at condemning. Then there’s the political part of it.

There is no way that Biden responding this way does anything but harden Sinema’s resolve to not give these lunatics what they want. Had the president come out strongly in support of her today, it may have served as a bridge to get something done soon on reconciliation. But Sinema now finds herself further isolated, not just by the far-left of her party, but by Biden himself. That’s a recipe for stoking the Democrat civil war further, and it’s a really dumb tactical move by the president.


Of course, there’s always the possibility that Biden didn’t even know what he was being asked about and just popped off without thinking. This wouldn’t be the first time he’s done that, but that doesn’t change the consequences of the move. Senility or not, he needs Sinema’s support for his agenda, and he’s not going to get it by coddling radical activists that chase senators into restrooms.

But hey, if Biden’s mix of arrogance and mental incompetence end up cratering the reconciliation bill, that’s great news for Republicans. Enjoy the show.


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