Raging Lunatic Who Filmed Kyrsten Sinema in the Bathroom Speaks out

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

If you took the weekend off from the internet, you missed one of the most absurd scenes in politics to play out in a while. U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) was harassed and followed into an Arizona State University bathroom while multiple people filmed the entire thing.


The activists, at least one of whom was apparently an illegal immigrant, were demanding she pass a pathway to citizenship via reconciliation, which is odd given the Senate parliamentarian has already said that can’t happen. But I mean, did you really expect logic from people who stalk people into bathrooms to scream at them over political disagreements?

And sure enough, one of the activists has spoken out, and a lack of logic is the least of her mental concerns.

Can we just start with the fact that there’s something really gross about an illegal immigrant making these kinds of demands of a senator who was duly elected? Further, that they can do so without any fear of deportation while attending a major university paid for with taxpayer dollars? Oh, and she wants free rent and free healthcare, too, because why not? You can just feel the gratefulness for allowing her to live here illegally.

And I have no idea what the gig economy has to do with human trafficking, but I do know the PROAct would kill tens of millions of jobs and subjugate masses of Americans to the whims of corrupt unions and more big government. If that’s the kind of economy she wants, Venezuela does exist.

But really, the biggest disconnect here is that this illegal immigrant wants to be here in the first place. According to her rant, we all live on stolen land where people are kidnapped and murdered while having no access to jobs, clean water, or healthcare. That sounds like an absolute hellscape that isn’t worthy of human inhabitance. Yet, in the same breath, she demands citizenship in the dystopian nightmare that the United States of America supposedly is. Weird, right?


Clearly, this woman is a raging lunatic, and what happened to Sinema is a disgusting breach of privacy that should not be abided by. Various laws regarding harassment and filming someone in a bathroom were likely broken here, and while I understand politicians typically let this stuff slide, they shouldn’t. An example needs to be made because this is going to get dangerous if it continues.

Lastly, what is ASU doing? They allowed two black students to commit a racist attack on a white student a few weeks ago without any discipline. Now they are letting illegal immigrants accost US senators in the bathroom? ASU is a state school, and Republicans control the governorship and legislature in Arizona. Maybe they should act like it instead of cowering and allowing this stuff to become more pervasive.


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