Did Leftists Who Stalked and Filmed Sinema in the Bathroom Commit a Crime?

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It’s getting pretty crazy now with the leftists melting down over the the failure to pass Joe Biden’s budget spending spree bonanza.

As I reported yesterday, kayakers actually rowed up to the houseboat of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) in the D.C. area and, over multiple days, harangued him on the bill, creating a scene and annoying the neighbors.


At this point, a lot of folks on the left have completely lost their minds over this and it’s starting to get dangerous, just as it was when they created a dangerous mythology that Republicans were going to stop their healthcare. As a result of that Democratic push, many Republican politicians were harassed or attacked. We also had the GOP congressional baseball practice shooting, with the Bernie Bro shooter shouting, “This is for healthcare,” according to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).

As I said yesterday when I wrote the story about Joe Manchin, I thought they would likely try to hunt down Sinema at her fundraiser because it was getting that bad. Turns out I was right, as my colleague Becca Lower wrote earlier. They hunted Sinema down at the resort where the fundraiser was, and the police had to tell them to leave. But they also did something really wild today.

People, including at least one illegal alien and at least one man, followed her into the public ladies’ room at Arizona State University where she was teaching a class. Sinema is a lecturer there who teaches two classes. As Sinema went into one of the stalls, the people continued to film her and harass her about passing the reconciliation bill.


Here’s another angle showing them following her from her classroom to the bathroom.

They then followed her out of the bathroom, back to her classroom, where they continued to shout at her through the door. They also chanted “undocumented and unafraid,” making it clear that they included illegal aliens among their group.

First, it’s incredibly wrong to go to someone’s class and harass them there, but certainly worse to follow them into the bathroom and not only harass her, but also film while she’s in the bathroom. Not only her, but there were other women in the bathroom there as well, whose privacy they and the man in their group were violating. Some raised the question of whether there were some legal questions or possible crime in their actions, and that’s another question. There are laws in most states, including Arizona, about filming people in bathrooms.

Here’s Arizona’s law.

13-3019. Surreptitious photographing, videotaping, filming or digitally recording or viewing; exemptions; classification; definitions

A. It is unlawful for any person to knowingly photograph, videotape, film, digitally record or by any other means secretly view, with or without a device, another person without that person’s consent under either of the following circumstances:

1. In a restroom, bathroom, locker room, bedroom or other location where the person has a reasonable expectation of privacy and the person is urinating, defecating, dressing, undressing, nude or involved in sexual intercourse or sexual contact.

2. In a manner that directly or indirectly captures or allows the viewing of the person’s genitalia, buttock or female breast, whether clothed or unclothed, that is not otherwise visible to the public.

B. It is unlawful to disclose, display, distribute or publish a photograph, videotape, film or digital recording made in violation of subsection A of this section without the consent or knowledge of the person depicted.


It looks like they may have violated this provision — both in the recording and in the distribution of the videos. And if they are illegal aliens, that could impact their status here, if they were found guilty of a crime. They could potentially get deported, if found guilty of a crime.

Not only that, but if any students were involved in this, there could be potential code of conduct violations. One has to wonder why the university didn’t have better security to prevent this from happening as well. But if there’s anyone that needs more security from crazy people, it’s Manchin and Sinema. So, what is the university’s position on these people filming their teachers, and others, in the bathroom?

Further, this group certainly posted private or identifying information, heck, video of her in the bathroom, as well as the information about her class and where she was. Thinking they also should get the ban hammer from Twitter. Well, that would be if Twitter actually cared about applying their rules equally.


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