'Coupgate': Andrew Cuomo and Devoted Loyalists Decide to Go Down Swinging - and Missing

'Coupgate': Andrew Cuomo and Devoted Loyalists Decide to Go Down Swinging - and Missing
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Being a disgraced former governor leaves one with a lot of time on their hands to sit and stew about what led to their spectacular fall from grace, and Andrew Cuomo is no exception to that rule.

The man formerly dubbed “the Luv Guv” by the New York Post last year tweeted an opinion piece last night on the eve of the one month anniversary of his last official day in office, a piece written by a supporter of his who believes Cuomo was railroaded and was the victim of a “coup”:

Lawyer David H. Pikus, who did some legal work for Cuomo’s dad Mario’s gubernatorial administration in the 1980s, wrote that he was “appalled by the Albany coup d’êtat in which Andrew Cuomo’s political rivals trampled the rights of the electorate and basic due process for their own political gain,” taking the approach diehard Cuomo supporters did in the final weeks of his time as governor, suggesting the real motivations behind New York State Attorney General Tish James’ approach to investigating the sexual harassment claims against Cuomo were political (archived link here):

The “cancel culture” mentality supplanted governmental process and fairness, all politically orchestrated. The governor’s political competitors and the so-called “socialist” faction weaponized sexual harassment allegations, exploiting the emotion and power of the issue to cripple Cuomo’s practical ability to defend himself in the media. They insisted that Attorney General Letitia James exclusively control the review even though she had an obvious conflict as a potential Cuomo challenger. Finally, to complete the coup, they maneuvered the State Legislature toward impeachment, citing the attorney general’s legally infirm report.

James was mandated by law to employ “independent reviewers.” But her report was neither “independent” nor a “review.” Instead, she hand-picked Joon Kim, a longtime and well-known critic of Cuomo, and as the second reviewer, a lawyer specializing in female victims’ lawsuits. James’ presumption to “believe all victims” is political rhetoric, not legal protocol.

Other Cuomo loyalists, like Cuomo’s former secretary Melissa DeRosa, also tweeted out the thinly sourced piece, suggesting James “has questions to answer”:

Rich Azzopardi a former senior advisor to Cuomo and who was once labeled “Cuomo’s bulldog spokesman,” tweeted out a similar message last week in response to reports James was considering her options:

Spectrum News New York reporter Morgan Mckay hinted at the absurdity of Team Cuomo suggesting what happened to him was a “coup” in a tweet she wrote reporting on what Cuomo’s campaign was sharing from their accounts:

Just ridiculous, and no one should be falling for it at this point with all we know.

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean, who has been a prominent critic of Cuomo’s throughout the Wuhan virus pandemic after she lost both of her in-laws after Cuomo’s deadly nursing home order went into effect in late March 2020, was having none of what they were trying to sell this week:

Dean also speculated that Cuomo and company might be sharing Pikus’ defense of him now in anticipation of the release of the New York State Legislature’s impeachment report:

For the record, I should note that the report James released after her investigation into the numerous sexual harassment allegations was completed was pretty extensive and left little room for doubt. If Cuomo wanted people to believe he was innocent, he would have stayed in office and fought for his job and to correct the record if it needed correcting at all. But he resigned in disgrace, which in my view suggests he knew he was in the wrong, even though he’ll never publicly admit it.

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