BREAKING: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Finally Resigns

Just breaking over the wires now, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has just resigned.

Here’s his video statement, saying that he’s resigning out of love for New York.


This follows the New York Attorney General finding last week that there were 11 cases of sexual harassment against him and at least one of those women them filing a criminal complaint against him.

The resignation is effective within 14 days.

What may have pushed him over, after all the scandal about the nursing homes, with the thousands dead, plus the sexual harassment investigations?

News just dropped this morning about a Ronan Farrow story:


Did that finally tip the scale? It was all clearly was becoming just too much, even for such a narcissist. But then if people started looking into this, it starts bringing in the Obama White House. And it’s clear that the powers that be have removed all their defense of Cuomo at this point.

But resignation is not enough, if Cuomo thinks that this is going to stop the investigations. He needs to be held accountable for the nursing home scandal and the sexual harassment cases, as well as whatever other madness he has been involved in.

But at least today, folks like Janice Dean, who lost both her husband’s mother and father in nursing homes after Cuomo’s order, can take comfort that finally, after all the pushing, that this character is now out of office.


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