Dr. Fauci Accidentally Reveals Who He Really Is When Asked About Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

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If you thought President Biden’s dictatorial speech yesterday in which he announced he was not only implementing an (unconstitutional) coronavirus vaccine mandate on employers with 100 or more employees, but where he also threatened to use his supposed presidential powers to get GOP governors “out of the way” if necessary was terrifying, wait until you read what his most trusted medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said about Biden’s move.


Fauci, some of whose statements have been thoroughly exposed as lies by RedState’s Scott Hounsell, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and others regarding, among other things, his repeated denials about U.S. grant funding of gain of function research at the Wuhan, China Institute of Virology, appeared on Anderson Cooper’s program Thursday night, where he was asked some questions by both Cooper and CNN’s esteemed “chief medical correspondent” Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

At one point during the segment, Gupta predictably asked Fauci a very leading question that insinuated Biden was being too lenient with the impacted employers and employees by giving them the option to either get tested for the coronavirus once a week or get the vaccine.

“Why not just do the vaccine mandate and not say that the testing can be sort of this off-ramp?” Gupta wondered.

Here’s how their exchange went down (bolded emphasis added):

GUPTA: You know, when it comes to the mandates through the Department of Labor and companies that have a hundred or more employees, my understanding of what the President was saying, Dr. Fauci, was that either you get a vaccine, or you have to be tested regularly. And oftentimes, it seems like these two things are commingled, like, do one or the other. But in one case, you’re preventing it, and in the other case, you’re diagnosing it. Why not just do the vaccine mandate and not say that the testing can be sort of this off-ramp?

FAUCI: Well, I think the President is, you know, being somewhat moderate in his demand, if you want to call it that. And that there are some people who really don’t want to get vaccinated, but they don’t want to lose their job, you’ve got to give them an off lane. And the off-lane is if you get tested frequently enough, and find out you’re positive, you won’t come to work, and you won’t infect other people. So, it really is somewhat of a compromise there. Myself, I would make it just vaccinate or not. But he was trying to be moderate in what his pronouncement was.



Yeah … no. What Biden did yesterday was not “somewhat moderate” nor “somewhat of a compromise” by any stretch of the imagination, for reasons my RedState colleague Bonchie explained in detail here and then some.

But, in addition to his lies about funding for gain of function research, Fauci revealing to the American people that he would be even less “moderate” in his approach to vaccine mandates than the President of the United States told us pretty much everything we need to know about him — with absolutely none of it being good.

As I said yesterday, when they tell us who they really are, we should listen and respond accordingly by calling them out, because to these people, reputation is everything and them being fully exposed for who and what they are is not very good for business.

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