Biden Proved Today What Liars They Are With Vaccine Mandate

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Joe Biden declared today that not only was he going to mandate that all federal employees be vaccinated, but that he was going to require that any private business with over 100 employees get their employees vaccinated or have them tested weekly. Also, that workers in health facilities that receive Medicare or Medicaid will have to be vaccinated under his edict.


Now, he no doubt hoped that this would draw attention away from the Afghanistan debacle. But drawing it away to another crisis and another debacle isn’t exactly a good thing. If he thinks this is going to help him recover and show people that he’s “doing something,” he’s sadly mistaken. This is only going to antagonize even more people, be more divisive and drive the economy further into the dumper. He apparently hasn’t been listening to the growing “F**k Joe Biden” movement that has people chanting in stadiums and at conferences. He just added even more people to that movement today. He’s under 40% in the polls now in approval. He may be trying to see if he can achieve the record — has anyone ever gone into the 20s when it comes to approval?

Biden actually blasted people who thought they had “freedom” and “choice.”

So collectively, between the businesses with over 100 employees and the health facilities, we’re talking about this mandate applying to almost 100 million workers.

Biden even lied about some governors claiming they were against vaccines and masking (as opposed to being against mandates) and threatened the governors if they don’t go along with him. “If these governors won’t help us … I’ll use my powers as president to get them out of the way,” completely failing to understand the Constitution that he swore to uphold; that he doesn’t have power over the governors.


He then said they were going to make businesses pay if they didn’t comply. Then he refused to answer any questions, before rushing off, breaking his own mask mandate on federal property.

Now, this is quite a change from just about a month and a half ago, when the Biden team was saying they would not impose mandates and they acknowledged it wasn’t the “role of the federal government” — in other words, acknowledging they couldn’t do it.

Let’s listen to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki explain.

Here’s CDC Director Rochelle Walensky.

Biden himself also said in December that he wouldn’t mandate vaccines.


Can we say liars? Just like DACA where Barack Obama said, correctly, for a long time, that he couldn’t just create law out of whole cloth, but then he did. The Biden team is taking a page from that and propagating a similar unconstitutional lie.

So once again, we’re presented with yet another Biden lie, yet another reason not to trust this administration. And they wonder why some people are reluctant to get vaccinated? Look at their own twisted shifting totalitarian behavior.

What are some of the things that this would immediately cause? First, you’re going to supremely injure some businesses that may already have been having a hard time because of pandemic restrictions. Now what will they do if they are close to 100 employees? They will dump people to get under 100 so they don’t have to comply and have to deal with the federal government. That’s just practically what would happen. So thanks, Joe Biden!

Other people, if they haven’t gotten vaccinated yet, will then not work if they are forced to be vaccinated. So more people out of work. Thanks, Joe Biden!


Given the concern expressed in the eviction moratorium case about overreaching, and how allowing such things gives them unlimited ability to argue to impose anything, it isn’t hard to guess how the SCOTUS would rule in this case. But Biden figures that will take time and then he can blame the “right-wing” Supreme Court when this gets slapped down.


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