Reporters Make Observations About Joe Biden That Should Concern Everyone

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Though there’s no question that the mainstream media are by and large Team Biden members, there are a select few who continue to make observations about Biden’s penchant for dodging the press which, if you read between the lines, raises even more questions about his ability and fitness to lead this country, especially in the middle of a pandemic, a worsening border crisis, and as the situation deteriorates in Afghanistan.


Some raised issues with his lack of press availability during his overseas trip to the G7 and NATO summits back in June. There were also the repeated grumblings from some reporters for the first three months of his administration after he failed to hold even one formal solo presser with the White House press corps.

And now, over a week after things fell apart in Afghanistan, some in the press are again taking note of how little Biden makes himself available to the media, which is more than a bit concerning considering everything that is going on:


Even when he does appear before the press, it’s for scripted speeches where he doesn’t take questions, as happened yesterday during a press conference where he did not look well. Either that or he’s being “interviewed” by Democrat-friendly media figures like Clintonista George Stephanopoulos.

It’s gotten so bad now that there are rumors swirling that Biden would rather govern from his Delaware home for at least the next few weeks than from the White House.

As I’ve said before, beyond the grumbling from the press needs to come the questions as to why this happens so often? Is it just because they let him get away with it for so long or is there something else we’re not being told?

Considering how often Biden appears out of sorts during public events, my money’s on the latter more so than the former though it’s very likely a mixture of both.

The longer this goes on, the more people are going to ask uncomfortable questions, and that includes reporters who may have otherwise been inclined to keep things “under the rug” for Biden and his team. As we saw even during the Obama administration, there was only so far Obama could dangle the carrot just out of reach of journalists before some of them got up the nerve to start calling him out.


Just what is going on with Joe Biden, and is this going to be the new normal?

As the saying goes, enquiring minds want to know.

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