Fed up Reporter Calls Biden out After Latest Instance of Handlers Intervening on His Behalf

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Whether it was appearing confused at times or needing help from others including First Lady Jill Biden and other world leaders, there’s just no hiding the fact that President Biden’s trip overseas for the G7 and now the NATO summit has been a major catastrophe for this administration. It’s gotten so bad that even his handlers are getting in on the act in order to try and contain the damage.


As if shooing a Sky News reporter away from one G7 event over the weekend as cameras were rolling wasn’t embarrassing enough, there was another incident just today as the NATO summit got underway.

Biden was sitting at a table full of Turkish and American diplomats in advance of his bilateral meeting with Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan, who was sitting across from him. Watch below as reporters ask questions but are ignored by Biden as his handlers quickly shoo them away from the scene:

Turkey’s official Twitter account tweeted out photos that were taken either shortly before or after reporters were ordered to leave:

The situation angered Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker, who took to the Twitter machine to alert people as to the irony of Biden “doing a big push on democracy v autocracy” while giving U.S. reporters “less access than under previous administrations” – so much so that they were having to rely on “updates from…the Turkish government Twitter account”:


Hate to say “toldjah so” on this but, well, toldjah so.

During his presidential campaign last year, Biden relied on a compliant press to make excuses for why he conducted the majority of his interviews from his basement instead of the campaign trail. Obviously, when you routinely treat a public figure like that, they start to expect it – especially if they are a Democrat. That goes double for herding reporters like cattle, which happened often, especially in the last few months of his campaign.

The result has been limited access during his first six months in office as well, which reporters have grumbled on and off about to a certain extent.

But beyond the grumbling needs to come the questions as to why this happens so often? Is it just because they let him get away with it for so long or is there something else we’re not being told?

Considering how often Biden appears out of sorts during public events, my money’s on the latter more so than the former though it’s very likely a mixture of both.


The longer this goes on, the more people are going to ask uncomfortable questions, and that includes reporters who may have otherwise been inclined to keep things “under the rug” for Biden and his team. As we saw even during the Obama administration, there was only so far Obama could dangle the carrot just out of reach of journalists before some of them got up the nerve to start calling him out.

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