Something Is Very Wrong Here With Latest News About Biden

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Now, there’s been a lot wrong, right down the line, when it comes to how Joe Biden has dealt with the debacle in Afghanistan.

But one of the main problems with his administration is the failure to actually speak frankly and with transparency with the American people. They started this off very badly with both Biden and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki being on vacation. Biden didn’t even come back until Monday to make his speech. Then he went back to Camp David, and then came back to make a speech today. But that speech, as we previously reported, isn’t on Afghanistan, it’s on the Wuhan coronavirus. That’s stunning. Not exactly the thing that is most pressing with thousands of Americans and allies in danger in Afghanistan.


The national security team just held a briefing and it was a clown car affair that my colleague Streiff will be covering. But suffice to say, Gen. Milley and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin would lose their jobs in a real administration. Their responses were just horrific and it would be scary to have these people in charge of a public toilet much less in charge of our military response.

But when Bret Baier appeared on America’s Newsroom on Fox with Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino this morning, they discussed the lack of transparency of Biden and the major players, the failure of the administration to really speak on what is going on in-country. This was prior to the Milley/Austin briefing. Baier said that according to their sources, after the COVID speech, he was hearing that Biden would be heading back to Wilmington, Delaware to continue with his vacation either today or tomorrow.


What the heck? Right now Biden is rambling on about vaccines. He just finished and took absolutely no questions as Afghanistan is exploding. He pretended like nothing is going on except the virus.

This news about going back to Delaware has prompted many on social media to suggest that there is something more wrong here, that he must be having serious health issues, even beyond his normal dementia, if they have to keep having him go back to Delaware even at a critical time of things in Afghanistan with thousands of Americans and allies being trapped. If true, this is just dereliction of duty.


Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN ) said there needed to be an explanation if this was true.



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