Mayor Bowser’s Summer Goes From Bad to Worse After Meltdown With Reporter and a WaPo Fact Check

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We previously reported on how Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser not only conveniently set a mask mandate in the city to go into effect the day after she attended a swanky birthday party in her honor last month, but on the very day it went into effect she was caught not abiding by her own mandate during a wedding reception.


Bowser has not handled the fallout well at all, as evidenced by the meltdown she had with a Fox DC reporter Tuesday night when asked about the incident:

“Let me clear something up, because if you want to report on the right-wing wingnuts, have at it,” Bowser said during a Tuesday news conference at the reopening of the Washington Convention Center. “But I’m not going to give it a lot of energy.”

“We all know what the rule says about sitting at a dining table and dining. Don’t be ridiculous.”


What I know is we have a lot of COVID deniers out there who are largely responsible for the country not being able to recover from COVID, because for many months, they have been telling their followers not to get vaccinated, who have spent two or three days spreading disinformation,” Bowser said.

The transcript doesn’t do it justice. Watch below as Bowser rips her mask off and interrupts the reporter mid-question to go off on the “right-wing wingnuts” who accurately reported on her violating her own mask mandate:


To say that was a bad look for the Mayor on top of what she’s already been caught doing would be quite the understatement.

But to make matters worse for her, even the Washington Post took her to task for what she did as well as her defensive posturing in the aftermath, giving her four Pinocchios:

Predictably, CNN tried to run interference for the hypocritical Mayor.

Bowser’s double standard was just one more on a long list of incidents where Democrats who either called for or implemented strict guidelines about masks were ultimately exposed for not practicing what they preach. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi done this on multiple occasions, and President Biden himself violated his own federal mask mandate within hours of his inauguration.

As I’ve said before, the Democrat hypocrisy on CDC guidelines and the mixed messages coming from the Biden White House have become issues that are going to present challenges for the party going into the 2022 midterms. Because as it turns out, even people who take a general “we should trust the government” philosophy when it comes to public health matters have their breaking points when they faithfully follow the rules but see rule-makers like Bowser and Biden routinely breaking them.


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