Journalist Tweets What She's Seen in D.C. Since Mask Mandate in Clear Warning Sign for Democrats

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As you’ve probably already heard, Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser not only conveniently set a mask mandate in the city to go into effect the day after she attended a swanky birthday party in her honor late last week, but on the very day it went into effect she was reportedly seen not abiding by her own mandate.


Bowser’s double standard was just one more on a long list of incidents where Democrats who either called for or implemented strict guidelines about masks were ultimately exposed as political “leaders” who don’t practice what they preach. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been notorious for doing this on multiple occasions, and President Biden himself violated his own federal mask mandate within hours of his inauguration.

This morning, CBC News White House reporter Kathryn Watson noted what she’s seeing even in the most liberal parts of the D.C. area two days after the mask mandate was put back in place:

Though the evidence was only anecdotal, it lines up with what I’ve read and heard from a lot of people – including liberals – on social media and elsewhere about their feelings on mask mandates at any level of government at this stage of the pandemic.


As I’ve said before, for months now, we’ve been hearing how we need to get vaccinated in order for America to begin returning back to normal, and yet now even vaccinated people are now being told they should mask up. In some areas, like D.C., they’re even being ordered to wear masks pretty much everywhere.

It’s doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, even those who are generally inclined to do whatever the government says concerning masks and other COVID-related guidelines.

For close to 18 months now, well-meaning people on the left and right have followed the CDC guidelines close to the letter, but the contradictory messages coming from this White House about masks and the vaccines as well as the “do as I say but not as I do approach” from Dems have ultimately proved to be a bridge too far for some of those same people. Accordingly, a lot of folks are fed up at this point and are trying to go about their daily lives the best way they can.

Simply put, eyes are being opened on this issue at long last, a nightmarish scenario for so-called “leaders” with authoritarian tendencies like Bowser and other Democrats.


Quite unexpectedly, Democrat hypocrisy on CDC guidelines and the mixed messages coming from the Biden White House have emerged as issues that are going to present challenges for the party going into the 2022 midterms. Because thankfully, as it turns out, even people who take a general “we should trust the government” philosophy when it comes to public health matters have their breaking points when they faithfully follow the rules but see the rule-makers routinely breaking them.

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