The Reason DC Mayor Was Partying Maskless After Announcing Mandate Is Just Shameless

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There have been few things more aggravating during this pandemic than to see politicians setting rules and restrictions on us while ignoring them or bending them into a pretzel so they can do whatever the heck they want. Sort of makes you believe that they don’t really believe what they are saying.


As I reported previously, according to the CDC guidance, Washington, D.C., now qualifies as being at “substantial” Wuhan coronavirus risk. “Substantial” = 50 or more cases out of 100,000. That’s the CDC standard now across the country, as we noted. That doesn’t sound exactly substantial. But by that standard, most of the country is being told to mask up. Dark areas are substantial or high on the following map.

That’s troubling that they would put mandates back on, with such a low number of cases.

Meanwhile, as I reported, D.C.’s hospitalizations are down since May 13 (the number was 93 people then), when Joe Biden told people if they were vaccinated they no longer had to wear masks. On July 29, it was 21, according to the D.C. stats.

So, this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But, they still want to impose mandates.

On Thursday, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that they were re-instituting the mask mandate because of the CDC guidance. “I think it won’t be a big lift for a lot of folks,” she said. While she announced this on Thursday, the mayor actually didn’t have it go into effect until 5 a.m. today.


We touched on the fact that she went to a party last night in D.C. and had a maskless photo taken with Dave Chappelle, in an earlier post.

But, it looks like that was Bowser’s birthday party (her birthday is August 2) and that photo with Chappelle wasn’t a momentary thing. Everyone at the party looked like they weren’t wearing masks. So, did she really wait a couple of days for the mandate so she could have her birthday party with a DJ and Dave Chappelle last night maskless? Because that’s surely what it looks like.

Click on this and you can see all the maskless people:

Fox tried to get a response from her office, and her people weren’t talking.

Meanwhile, as Bowser was celebrating without a mask in her “substantial” risk area, she was telling all the regular people, the peasants in D.C, to mask up.


Can we say how completely shameless these politicians are? How can anyone take anything they say seriously? This isn’t even the first time she’s done something like this. Bowser went to Delaware to party with Joe Biden in November after the election — despite the restrictions against non-essential travel. She deemed it “essential” because she wanted to go.


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