A Quick Wellness Check on the Lincoln Project Shows Things Are Getting Much Worse

After the clowns at the Lincoln Project were credibly accused earlier this year of covering up a scandal involving co-founder John Weaver’s alleged tendency to prey on and attempt to groom young men – some of who were allegedly under 18 – for sex as a way to advance their political careers, things began to fall apart for the media darlings.


Among other things, more in-depth reports on who knew what and when started flowing, and Weaver eventually admitted to sending “inappropriate” messages to the young men, coming out of the closet in the process. The FBI also got involved by way of launching an investigation into the allegations. And other reports were filed detailing the group’s highly questionable expenditures.

In short, things turned into a cluster quickly for the supposedly “principled” anti-Trump group, and along with it, the money woes reportedly began.

Though they’re still called on to do interviews, their appearances are less frequent for a couple of reasons: the predation scandal and the fact that they no longer have Trump to relentlessly bash and fundraise off of.

When former and current members of the LP do get invited on to interviews, what’s revealed is that things haven’t gotten any better for them. In fact, it’s gotten much worse.

Take, for example, co-founder Steve Schmidt, who bizarrely claimed last week that the Capitol riots were “more dangerous” than the 9/11 terrorist attacks because the riots will “likely to kill a lot more Americans” including “the casualties of the wars that lasted 20 years following it.” He didn’t appear to be high in the video clip, but it got people wondering.


Then there was this segment from MSNBC wacko Joy Reid’s program yesterday. Linoln Project senior adviser Stuart Stevens, who landed himself in hot water a few weeks ago for using Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ young daughter to attack him, told Reid and her panel of guests that Democratic election reform bills like the “For the People” act needed to pass because if not, Republicans would recreate 9/11 or something:

It didn’t even come close to making sense, but the fact that he felt he needed to make comparisons between Republicans and the 9/11 terrorists tells you all you need to know.

Then there was this tweet from this morning:

This is the equivalent of them saying the Quiet Part out loud. See, originally part of the Lincoln Project’s mission was to distinguish anti-Trump Republicans from pro-Trump Republicans. In addition to that, one of their stated goals was to “resurrect” the Republican party.


But now, the message – which was also echoed last week on MSNBC by another Lincoln Project clown – is that their goal is to “destroy” the Republican party.

What’s behind all the insane rhetoric recently and the admissions as to their real intentions when it comes to the GOP? Well, let’s just say it’s their way of polishing the tin cup since the well appears to have dried up. To be frank, what they’re doing right now is not that much different than what you see from high-priced call girls. Except in those instances, at least the women have boundaries as to what they won’t do. The same can’t be said for the shameless grifters at the Lincoln Project, bless their hearts.

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