Breaking: FBI Looking Into Allegations Against Lincoln Project Co-Founder John Weaver

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Happy Birthday, Abe Lincoln!

Looks like the house of cards may be falling on those reject over at the Lincoln Project over the past 24 hours who have been misusing your name for the past couple of years.


There was the monumental Lincoln Project self-own that my colleague, Jen Van Laar wrote about earlier today, revealing that somehow the Lincoln Project got access to a conversation between their co-founder Jennifer Horn (who had left the organization) and a reporter, Amanda Becker. They posted it, clearly trying to intimidate Horn, and then deleted it after another co-founder, George Conway advised them by tweet that what they had done looked like a violation of federal law.

This followed reports about who may have known what when about the allegations against their co-founder John Weaver (who is also no longer with the group) involving inappropriate messages to young men, not to mention questions about their financials.

But now, the wheel of justice may really be turning in the right direction according to the latest scoop from journalist, Yashar Ali.

According to Ali, according to two sources who were contacted by the FBI, the FBI is now looking into the allegations against John Weaver and interviewing witnesses about the claims. According to Ali, the FBI is asking about Weaver’s behavior toward the young men and if he behaved inappropriately toward them when any of them were underage.


Ali said the questions included if he ever touched them inappropriately or sent or requested sexually explicit material when they were underage. There had previously been an allegation involving conversations with a 14 year old boy.

Because they’re asking questions doesn’t mean necessarily he’s a target but obviously they’re looking into what went on to find out. Good to hear that they’re looking into this.

If the FBI looks into Weaver and starts pulling communications/records of the Lincoln Project, just think of the bonanza that could reveal. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people!


The Lincoln Project is doing their best to scramble.

But people aren’t buying it.

It’s circling back around.

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