#WarOnWomen: Lincoln Project Attacks Ivanka Trump in Quite Possibly the Most Sexist Political Ad Ever Made

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Ivanka Trump, daughter and advisor to President Donald Trump, speaks at an event on Tax Day, Tuesday, April 17, 2018, in Derry, N.H., to promote the recently passed tax cut package. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)


On Thursday, I wrote about how Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson had sunk to new lows (who knew that was even possible for a “gum on my shoe” guy like him?) by joining in on the sexist smearing of White House senior adviser Hope Hicks.

In case you missed it, someone on Twitter started a bogus rumor Wednesday suggesting Hicks and former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale were dating, which multiple Twitter users suggested was the catalyst behind Parscale’s campaign demotion on the same day. This led to tens of thousands of tweets about Hicks’s love life, tweets that are too vile and reprehensible to share here.

Wilson amplified the unfounded rumor and insinuated it was true, which contributed to the disgusting pile-on against Hicks, who fortunately does not have a Twitter account.

Here we are just a couple of days later, and Wilson’s billionaire-funded “Lincoln Project” grifters group is facing more accusations of sexism thanks to the launch of their latest political ad. Unlike previous ads that focused solely on the President, this one attacks his daughter Ivanka by way of using just about every sexist stereotype possible.

As you watch the ad below, keep in mind that the Lincoln Project dismissed Ben Howe (a former RedState senior contributing editor) this week after old tweets of his that contained crude language some women find offensive were brought to the attention of the group. A spokesman for the LP said the Twitter posts were “unacceptable and offensive.”


Ironically, that’s exactly the description I’d give for their new ad, which portrays Ivanka as a spoiled daddy’s girl who throws away money on fashion, jewelry, and also models sexy clothing. Watch below:

As of this writing, it’s gotten around 35,000 RTs and the numbers climbing. I’ve heard that a number of supposedly objective “journalists” have shared the ad, which would not surprise me one bit if true:

Imagine for 10 seconds that a similar ad had been done by a prominent, legitimately conservative pro-Trump group, which featured a Democratic woman in the “daddy’s girl” starring role and insinuating she couldn’t make it on her own without a man. There would be howls of outrage from the media and leftists, feminists, etc, with demands for Trump and every other elected Republican to condemn it and disavow the group that made it.


But because this is Ivanka Trump, daughter of the Evil Orange Man, the sexism here is viewed as 100% acceptable and necessary if it helps defeat Trump in the fall.

This is why when Democrats and Never Trumpers tell you they’re “pro-women” and all about respecting women’s voices, you shouldn’t believe them for a second. It’s not true now. In fact, it never has been true.

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