HOT TAKES: Lincoln Project Using Ron DeSantis' Young Daughter to Attack Governor Goes Very Badly

AP Photo/Phil Sears

We reported Tuesday on how Gov. Ron DeSantis used the occasion of the first day of the LGBTQ “Pride Month” to sign a bill into law that effectively bans transgender women (people born men but who identify as women) from competing in biological women’s sports in Florida.


As per the norm, DeSantis’ actions triggered the Usual Suspects, including the unhinged fanatics at the Human Rights Campaign, which is as strong an indicator as there can be that DeSantis absolutely did the right thing.

During the signing ceremony, the popular Republican governor’s young daughter Madison was next to him and handed him pens with which to sign the bill, as seen below:

For reasons only known to him, longtime Lincoln Project advisor and Principled Republican™ Stuart Stevens – one of the more outfront members of the group – thought it’d be a good idea to use DeSantis’ daughter as a weapon with which to attack him:

That a man with such close ties to a group that looked the other way for months as allegations of predatory grooming behavior towards young men were being made against Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver would feign he cares for the young daughter of a governor he despises solely because of his political alliance with former President Trump was not lost on others who absolutely roasted him for his lack of self-awareness and audacity:


We’ll only know for sure once she grows up, and that assumes she’ll weigh in on the issue at all. Her voice, her choice. For now, she’s a child, and Stevens should do the right thing and respect that instead of projecting his obvious faults and inadequacies onto Gov. DeSantis. But then again, we know respecting underage kids (and women, for that matter) is not the Lincoln Project’s strong suit, so we shouldn’t really expect any better from this clown.


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