Deranged Lunatic Claims January 6th Will Be More Deadly Than 9/11

There are hot takes and then there’s whatever you want to call these claims made by Steve Schmidt, formerly of The Lincoln Project but who apparently still does video hits for them.


The MSNBC regular released a video continuing his obsession with January 6th, but this time he took it to a place that is so galaxy-brain that you have to try not to pull something after watching it. According to Schmidt, January 6th will not only “likely” be more deadly than 9/11, it’ll even kill more Americans than the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

How is this possible? Well, it’s clearly not possible, but even trying to game it out, I’m not sure how anyone of sound mind could assert something so clearly ludicrous. As of right now, exactly one person has been killed directly by the events of January 6th. Her name is Ashli Babbitt, and she was shot by an unnamed police officer (because the rules on identifying officers who shoot people have suddenly changed). But perhaps assuming Schmidt is of sound mind is a bit presumptive?


Going over the numbers, estimating around 10,000 total American deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan (remember, you have to include civilian contractors) plus 3,000 dead on 9/11 gives you 13,000 deaths. By what scenario is January 6th going to cause more than 13,000 deaths when after seven months, it’s only caused one, and that was by the police? Is there some coming mass casualty even I’m unaware of? If there is, perhaps Schmidt should contact the authorities.

Of course, as I’ve said about other leftist rants, the incoherence is the point. Schmidt is, in my view, not looking to make a real, fact-based argument, but rather he’s doing what he has to do to keep the donation dollars flowing into his scam organization. By trying to make January 6th, a relatively insignificant blip in American history, the worst event since the Civil War, it riles up left-wing partisans with loose wallets. It’s really that simple.

That The Lincoln Project and its various current and former founders are still a thing is a testament to how far gone our political environment is. Democrats will excuse and support literally anything if they feel it helps their chosen narrative. In this case, they’ve continued to fluff and give legitimacy to an organization co-founded by an alleged pedophile. None of these people would know an actual principle if it slapped them in the face. MSNBC still hosts Schmidt regularly, which should tell you just how credible that dumpster fire of a news network is.


In short, no, January 6th is not going to be more deadly than 9/11 and its subsequent wars. Heck, it’s not even going to be more deadly than the 2020 George Floyd riots. In fact, it won’t even be close. Anyone asserting such is either mentally deficient or is willing to say anything for partisan gain. Actually, it’s probably both in this case.


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