Lincoln Project Losers Believe They Can ‘Resurrect’ The Republican Party

Pablo Martinez Monsivais


Here’s another funny one for you. Members of the Lincoln Project, a group of NeverTrump Republicans dedicated to unseating the president, seem to believe that they can be part of the movement to “resurrect” the GOP. 


Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele appeared on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell to discuss the result of the presidential election, which is now being contested. Steele has been a vocal NeverTrumper since the 2016 campaign.

During the conversation, Mitchell asked Steele about the future of the GOP if Trump does not win re-election. “Where does the Republican Party go? The people in the Lincoln Project?’ 

Steele answered: “So Lincoln Project and other Republicans and former Republicans out there will continue the work of trying to resolve internally and resurrect the party in a way that it can become a governing majority in the future.”

He continued, “Because those principles, Andrea, and those ideals that we espouse that drew me to the party over 40 years ago, to me still matter.”


However, it appears that the members of the Lincoln Project, which spent millions of dollars on ads designed to influence voters to give the presidency and the Senate to the Democrats, missed something critical in this election. While the future of the Oval Office might be uncertain, despite the fact that the corporate press declared Biden the winner, the GOP still made tremendous gains in this election. 

As The Western Journal pointed out, “despite defending nearly twice as many U.S. Senate seats this election cycle (23 to the Democrats’ 12), the Republicans are in a good position to hold the chamber.”

Moreover, Republicans could pick up between seven and 12 seats in the House of Representatives. Previously, the Democrats were expected to expand their control over the chamber. Even better, the GOP won control over 59% of state legislatures, and this number could rise. 

But this interview raises another important question: Why the hell do members of the Lincoln Project think they have a place in rebuilding any part of the Republican Party? It was the ineptitude of the people involved with this organization that made Trump necessary in the first place. If Trump hadn’t managed to expose and unseat these feckless establishmentarians, it would definitely be in need of resurrection in 2020.


Could you imagine people like Rick Wilson crafting a messaging strategy that would have gotten a Republican president increased black and Latino support? Would they have pushed a candidate that would have brought troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq? Or would they continue to push for more of the same incompetence? 

The Lincoln Project losers made their choice. They wanted to side with the Democrats, who ironically enough, are rejecting them. At this point, these people won’t have any place in any significant conservative movement because they decided to let their petty squabbles with Trump push them to aid the left. They made this bed, now they will have to lie in it. 


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