George Conway Tries Ditching the Clown Car After Report on What Lincoln Project Knew About John Weaver


A couple of explosive reports have broken over the last few days that suggest the Never Trumpers at the Lincoln Project knew far more about the alleged predatory behavior of co-founder John Weaver than they have let on in the few public comments they’ve made about the story.


As my colleague Jeff Charles reported earlier, an Associated Press investigation found that Lincoln Project leaders were made aware in June 2020 of at least 10 “specific” claims of Weaver allegedly trying to groom young me for sex in exchange for jobs. The same report also raised questions as to where millions of dollars of the Democrat-funded PAC’s money has gone.

A separate report from the Washington Blade on what the Lincoln Project knew and when they knew it confirmed that another co-founder, Mike Madrid, was made aware some of the allegations in August.

Not surprisingly, all of the negative publicity surrounding the behind the scenes goings-on at the Lincoln Project – including what some are suggesting is a “cover-up” of the complaints against Weaver – are causing one of the group’s more prominent mouthpieces to try ditching the clown car.

Co-founder George Conway’s response to the reports was to minimize his involvement in the Lincoln Project and proclaim that he knew nothing about the claims against Weaver until “well after the election, and long after I ceased active involvement with the organization”:


As I’ve said before, Conway’s statements on what he knew and how well he knew John Weaver ring hollow, and wreak of the type pretentious self-serving we’ve come to expect from hardcore Never Trump grifters.

On the other hand, there are those in the group who seem perfectly content to go down with the ship, as Rick “Boomer Rube” Wilson demonstrated in this tweet essentially declaring that the Associated Press is now part of “Trump world”:


Hate to break it to him (not really) but there’s a helluva lot more evidence that the Lincoln Project willfully put numerous allegations of predatory behavior against one of their co-founders on the backburner because Orange Man Bad than there is of Trump “ordering” the rally attendees to attack the Capitol. Just sayin’.

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