HOT TAKES: Terry McAuliffe Posts Cringe Independence Day Cookout Video and People Have Questions

(AP Photo/Steve Helber, File)

It is without fail that patriotic American holidays bring out the cringe among politicians and candidates for public office, and Terry McAuliffe is no exception to that rule.

McAuliffe, a prominent Clintonista and former governor who last month easily won the Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nomination after getting roughed up by other nominees in the preceding weeks, took to the Twitter machine over the weekend to post a video of himself standing on a back porch in front of a grill while wearing an American flag t-shirt and flashing a can of beer. You can also see burgers and hot dogs on the grill as he’s speaking.

“Happy July 4th, everybody,” he began. “Spectacular day for America, down here at Smith Mountain Lake, enjoying with the family down here. I got some burgers going, I’ve got some Greek sausage, got myself a nice cold beer, a nice hot dog, sausage, hamburger, beer. That is July 4th, man. Everybody, have a great day today. Let’s go, Virginia.”


“Happy July 4th”? Do people really say that much anymore? If I ever have, it was definitely by mistake and I apologize right now. It’s Independence Day, not merely “July 4th,” not just any other random date on a calendar (except maybe if you’re a Democrat). That’s almost like saying “Enjoy the long weekend” on the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Definitely not a good look, not even for someone trying to win the highest political office in what has (sadly) become a blue state primarily thanks to the state’s proximity to Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas, where all the Important People work and mingle.

Naturally, yours truly and numerous others had some questions about what was on display during the video. Like, for example, was the grill even on? I mean the spatula doesn’t even appear to be dirty from use:

Some pointed out that both the shirt and the grill appeared to be new:

Others noted that some room is supposed to be left on the grill to be able to “flip and turn” the goods:

One guy even suggested the consultant who thought it would be a good idea to stage a video like this should be canned:

All that said, perhaps the worst part of the video was the fact that the beer can wasn’t even open, which in my view was clear and convincing evidence that it was staged πŸ˜‰

If for no other reason (and there are plenty of them), holding an unopened beer can in a video where you’re bragging about drinking “a cold one” should be automatic grounds for disqualification. That, and wearing custom-made aprons that declare you to be the “ambassador” for you state’s barbecue.

Just sayin’.

Can Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin save the state of Virginia from this political scourge? Stay tuned…

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