Some Really Weird Sh*t Happened in the Virginia Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Race This Week

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Not a lot of attention has been paid nationally to the Virginia Democratic gubernatorial primary race because former governor Terry McAuliffe is considered to be a shoo-in for the nomination.


In fact, a New York Times report from Thursday asked if “anyone [can] take on Terry McAuliffe,” considering his deep Democratic connections and apparent popularity with Democratic voters in the state due to his previous stint as governor:

There’s been scant polling in this race, but McAuliffe is regarded as a clear front-runner, partly because of his formidable connections and résumé, and partly because his challengers have similarities — albeit some superficial — that could split their support. Aside from Lee Carter, a 33-year-old Marine veteran and member of the House of Delegates, the three other candidates — Jennifer McClellan, Jennifer Carroll Foy and [Lt. Gov.] Justin Fairfax — are Black, younger than McAuliffe and generally to his left.

But things have started to heat up rather quickly in the last week, as the primary is now two months away.

McAuliffe’s continued touting of his longstanding alliances with black Democratic leaders (some of whom have endorsed him) in the state has forced McClellan, Foy, and Fairfax to seek ways to put a dent in the perceived support he has among Virginia’s black voters.

A debate held Tuesday night made that painfully obvious, especially when Fairfax went after McAuliffe for calling on him to resign over two years ago after Fairfax was accused by two women of sexual assault.

What Fairfax specifically said to McAuliffe caused reporters who were live-tweeting the event to gasp in shock:



New York Times political reporter Astead Herndon brought some sanity to the situation by pointing out the obvious:

McAuliffe did not address Fairfax’s comments during the debate, perhaps because they were somewhat odd, considering Fairfax also acknowledged that the others on the stage, including his two black opponents, had also called on him to resign at the time the allegations were made.

Fairfax’s comparison of himself to Till and Floyd wasn’t the only cringeworthy moment to take place this week in the Democratic gubernatorial primary race.

On Thursday, Virginia’s current Gov. Ralph Northam endorsed McAuliffe, and many were quick to point out the strangeness of it all, considering over two years ago, McAuliffe also said Northam should step down over the blackface scandal:


Charles Cooke summed it up best, I think:

As to the Republican gubernatorial primary in Virginia, there won’t be one. Instead, Virginia Republicans will hold a convention (conducted across numerous satellite locations) on May 8th to determine their respective nominees for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general. Read more on how that process is supposed to work here.

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