Donald Trump Responds Accordingly to New York City Mayoral Election Debacle

For all the umpteen pious lectures Democrats routinely give about how they supposedly know how to run elections efficiently and successfully, it is without fail that the ones that take place in Democrat-run New York City inevitably turn into a clusterf***s of epic proportions. It’s what happened in the NY22 Congressional race last year, and it’s exactly what has happened in the city’s mayoral race, as we previously reported.


To quickly recap, Democrat Eric Adams, the leader in the mayoral primary race that was held last week, raised an issue about a pretty significant numbers discrepancy in updated vote totals that were released Tuesday by the New York City Board of Elections.

“The vote total just released by the Board of Elections is 100,000-plus more than the total announced on election night, raising serious questions,” Adams said in a statement. “We have asked the Board of Elections to explain such a massive increase and other irregularities before we comment on the Ranked Choice Voting projection.”

The BOE eventually responded by admitting they made an oopsie that didn’t get caught until Adams raised the issue.

“The Board of Elections conducts rigorous and mandatory pre-qualification testing for every election. It has been determined that ballot images used for testing were not cleared from the Election Management System (EMS),” they explained, noting that the test results included “approximately 135,000 additional records.”

Not surprisingly, former President Donald Trump, who has been roasted and lambasted for raising questions about and presenting legal challenges over the results of last year’s presidential elections, responded accordingly, alleging that “just like in the 2020 Presidential Election … based on what happened, nobody will ever know who really won” the NYC mayoral primary race:


Then came the trolling. “The New York City Election, even though an embarrassment and total mess, is far better and more accurate than my 2020 Presidential Election – so what are people complaining about?”:

The parallels between how Adams was treated when he asked questions about the vote totals and how Trump was were not lost on people:

And therein lies a big part of the problem. Noting discrepancies and demanding clarifications and corrections if necessary in vote totals – even raising legal challenges if you’re concerned enough – is not a “threat to democracy,” no matter how Democrats and the media try to spin it. Nor is objecting to the certification of election results, which is what Sens. Cruz, Hawley, and numerous other Republican members of Congress did on January 6th, something Democratic members of Congress also did as recently as 2001, 2005, and 2017 – all times when Republicans won their respective presidential elections.


What’s also a big part of the problem is that some of the same Democrats who pilloried House and Senate Republicans and Trump over the Capitol riots seemed to have no trouble whatsoever spending four years declaring Donald Trump an illegitimate President, claiming the election was “stolen.” They did the same thing with George W. Bush after the 2000 Florida drama played out, and the same thing after Brian Kemp defeated Stacey Abrams in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race.

In fact, Abrams to this day has yet to concede, yet she’s treated as Democratic royalty, and has become a revered media darling, receiving glowing profiles in national media publications like the New York Times and the Washington Post because of her insistence on “speaking Truth to Power” or whatever about the election allegedly being “stolen” from her.

The fact of the matter here is that Democrats have made their own beds on declaring elections illegitimate and now they have to lay in them. If it’s okay for them to rant and rave for months and years at a time and use all tools at their disposal to challenge election results they don’t like, then it’s okay for Republicans – and other Democrats when battling each other – to do the same. It’s actually always been that way, it’s just that the media conveniently forgets to mention that’s the case in their liberally biased “reporting” on supposedly “unprecedented” challenges being brought by Republicans in close races.


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