Reporter Causes Media Heartburn With Painful Admission on Donald Trump and Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

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We reported last week about how desperate many in the media were to avoid giving credit to former President Trump and other prominent Republicans who speculated on the issue of a possible Wuhan coronavirus lab leak a number of times last year but who were repeatedly dismissed as wacko conspiracy theorists by our intellectual betters on the left and in the MSM (but I repeat myself).


The theory, which others in the media recently admitted was downplayed at the time primarily because it was Republicans arguing the point, is now being treated as credible by leftists, reporters, and social media platforms who want people to all of a sudden believe they were on the right side of the issue the whole time if only they’d been able to connect the dots.

But while Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire huffed to MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Willie Geist a few days ago about how Trump and Republicans supposedly “taking a victory lap” on the left’s/media’s about-face on the theory’s credibility was nothing more than “he and his allies… practicing some revisionist history,” ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jon Karl had quite a different take during a panel discussion on the issue during this morning’s “This Week” program.

Karl argued that yes, the theory was indeed being treated as plausible now and that many people “now have egg on their face” for dismissing it as they did. But watch as he also admits that “some things may be true even if Donald Trump said them” before also confirming what reporters at the New York Times and the Washington Post have said about critics panning the theory in 2020 because Orange Man Bad.



I almost felt bad for Karl – almost – while watching the clip because he appeared quite uncomfortable making the admission, almost looked like he might have needed to step away for a long bathroom break. But then again that’s not a surprise considering Karl spent the entire four years of Trump’s presidency doing what other reporters in the White House press corps did: look for a phony angle to “report,” and even better if it could be turned into a manufactured scandal.

Now he and others in the media are having to come to terms and admit in so many words that they were wrong to be dismissive of what Trump said last year on the lab leak theory and also that their Orange Man Bad reporting strategy has finally come back to bite them in the you-know-where. No doubt it’s an extremely bitter pill to swallow for our agenda-driven media, some of who even today are still suffering from acute Trump Withdrawal Syndrome (TWS).


This is about as close as we can get to a statement of regret from anyone in the press regarding the stunts they pulled the last 14 months in suppressing stories inconvenient to media/Democrat narratives, and while weak, I’ll take 1,000 such statements any day from the MSM over the BS claims about how the media supposedly really did their due diligence last year (they didn’t) and how Trump and others are allegedly engaging in revisionist history (they aren’t).

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