A New Hunter Biden Scandal Emerges That the Media May Be Unable to Ignore

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Unlike many traditional media organizations, we’ve reported extensively on the various scandals related to President Biden’s son Hunter Biden, like the laptop emails which inadvertently led to the release of a treasure trove of damaging information on both Bidens, Hunter Biden’s post-election admission that he was under investigation by the DOJ, his business dealings with Chinese entities, and so much more.


But while “news” outlets like CNN and the New York Times at best grit their teeth through bare-minimum “reporting” on Hunter Biden (if at all), a new scandal involving the president’s son may finally be the one that reporters simply cannot ignore.

Per the Daily Mail, it has been revealed via newly-obtained text messages from his laptop that Hunter Biden has used the “n-word” on numerous occasions, addressing his white lawyer with the word “n*gga” and saving a meme to his laptop of his dad hugging former President Obama with the words “you my n***a, Barack” among the messages added to the photo.

Here are some of the images from the report:


As you can see above, there were also “jokes” about, um, manly manliness, which is rather interesting considering Hunter Biden’s reluctance to admit he was the father an Arkansas woman’s baby, much less pay child support.

But I digress.

I understand that use of the “n-word” among white people when supposedly used as an “endearment” (?) is a super-sensitive topic (I personally cannot stand the word no matter who uses it), but remember, earlier this year the New York Times told us that there was no scenario whatsoever in which use of the n-word was acceptable in reporting (though they sort of backtracked later). Admittedly anecdotal evidence I’ve seen over the years suggests there is a near-universal agreement in other newsrooms as well that it is not cool for white folks to use the n-word under any circumstance.

Now while in the scheme of things Hunter Biden’s troubling foreign entanglements and what the current President of the United States allegedly knew and did not know about them are inarguably much bigger issues in terms of government and international affairs, it will be interesting to see if reporters in the mainstream media who tried to bury the very-legit New York Post “Hunter’s emails” story decide not to ignore this particular story on Hunter Biden simply because he’s committed the sin of offending some of their colleagues.


Will they or won’t they? Which comes first in newsrooms? Loyalty to your crew or to the Democrat President for who you cheerlead and carry water? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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