James O'Keefe Provides Hilarious Update on How Poor Oliver Darcy Is Handling the CNN Exposé

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Though CNN and their defenders will no doubt make all kinds of bogus claims about them, the new round of Project Veritas tapes on the cable network’s inner workings further lends credence to the oft-made-by-conservatives claim that the network is not a news organization.


This was not founder James O’Keefe’s first rodeo in outing CNN for the shameless left-wing propagandists they are, but these tapes, in particular, give an even more in-depth glimpse — through an unsuspecting and very talkative CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester — into the deliberate lengths they’d go to try and defeat former President Trump (and other prominent Republicans) by way of manipulating the public, especially during the pandemic when vulnerable people were more susceptible to being persuaded by the news.

The cherry on top of O’Keefe’s latest “gotcha” on CNN came earlier today when he put in a phone call to the network’s junior media hall monitor, Oliver Darcy. Watch what happens when O’Keefe puts Brian Stelter’s sniveling sidekick on the spot and asks him for comment on his latest CNN exposé:

LOL. Calling it a “short conversation” was putting it rather mildly. It’s so odd considering Darcy’s normally a little chatterbox when he gets on his high horse:


Later, O’Keefe noted that poor Darcy, who normally spends hours at a time on Twitter dogpiling on conservative news outlets, as well as Fox News, had apparently gone into a panicked “lockdown” mode on his social media accounts, setting it so that no one could tag him on any Instagram posts (personal note: Darcy’s had me blocked on Twitter for months now, surprise surprise, not that that stops me):

Should we expect any on-air or social media mea culpas from Darcy, Stelter, or any other prominent media figure who willingly participated over the last four years in the network’s coordinated attempts at undermining multiple political figures which, I should point out, is not the job of any so-called “objective” news outlet? Don’t count on it.


In fact, if we get any statement at all beyond something formal released by their corporate HQ it will likely be from their head of strategic comms Matt Dornic, who has a storied history of opening his mouth and inserting his foot, further portraying his employer in a very unflattering light.

Meanwhile, it’s my understanding that yet another tape has been released. A little birdie told me that RedState senior editor Brandon Morse will have a little something on that later tonight. As always, stay tuned!

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