Watch: James O'Keefe Releases First Round of Private Calls as CNN Threatens Legal Action: 'This May Be a Felony'

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As I reported Tuesday afternoon, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas fame called into CNN’s morning conference call Tuesday morning, which was being led by CNN President Jeff Zucker, and told the embattled CNN honcho he’d been listening to their morning conference calls for two months and that he was going to begin releasing the calls Tuesday night.


O’Keefe live-streamed the call, including audio of a startled Zucker on the other end.

Later Tuesday, CNN Communications tweeted a legal threat against O’Keefe and suggested that he might have committed a felony by secretly recording the companies calls.

“Legal experts say this may be a felony. We’ve referred it to law enforcement.”

Thing is, CNN, you’ve already sunk as low as you can sink. That ship sailed a long time ago. I mean it’s not as if everyone on the planet doesn’t already know that CNN’s been a shill for the Democrat Party for years.

O’Keefe didn’t seem all that concerned about CNN’s threat.

“Our legal experts say Jeff Zucker is just mad and embarrassed. 😂 Stay tuned!”

We’re gonna need a bigger popcorn machine.


O’Keefe doubled down saying he planned to release clips of the recordings “daily,” like a “December advent calendar.” He wasn’t kidding.

The Project Veritas YouTube channel is blowing up “as we speak.” As of “press time,” O’Keefe had posted recordings of three CNN calls.

In the video included in my earlier article, O’Keefe hit The Most Trusted Name in News™ nail on the head.

“This is yet another investigation Project Veritas has conducted into CNN, and once again they’ve demonstrated their partisan political agenda and total disconnect with journalistic ethics.”

James O’Keefe told us to “stay tuned!” That we will. Hopefully, you will, as well.


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