Oliver Darcy Gets Inconvenient Journalism Lesson After Whining About Fox News' Andrew Cuomo Coverage

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That New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is finally getting his just deserts on the nursing home scandal conservative media outlets drew attention to months ago is a good thing – for victims of his COVID nursing home policy, the families of the victims, and for people interested in holding government officials accountable when they set bad policy that has deadly consequences.


That said, it’s not a good thing for the Andrew Cuomo apologists at CNN who for months treated any potential scandal involving the “Luv Gov” as either a nothingburger, overblown or a right-wing conspiracy, partly because Cuomo’s little brother Chris is a nightly anchor on the channel (and “interviewed” him frequently), and partly because they preferred using President Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as whipping boys to blame for all of Cuomo’s disastrous mistakes.

But now Cuomo’s judgment day in the eyes of the public has finally arrived. It’s a big story and national media outlets like the New York Times and Fox News are covering it. CNN is, too, to be fair, but in their usual phony “we never saw this coming!” kind of way.

Now that CNN has given the story some obligatory coverage, it’s apparently time to move on from the story. That’s the impression one gets from Brian Stelter’s media hall monitor sidekick Oliver Darcy, who whined on the Twitter machine today about how Fox News had cut away from a White House coronavirus briefing to report more on the Cuomo story:


Darcy, who fancies himself as an expert of sorts on journalism, promptly received lessons on journalism from people all too familiar with his tiresome schtick:

RedState editor-at-large Kira Davis justifiably ripped him a new one:


Heh. Yep. Not to mention the fact that here we have a CNNer whining about Fox News’ coverage of an issue they practically buried all year last year because Orange Man Bad:

For a “media reporter”, Oliver Darcy sure doesn’t do media “reporting” very well, does he?

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