Things Get Interesting After MSNBC Reporter Gets Confronted by 'Peaceful Protesters' on Live TV

As we previously reported, the last two nights have not been good for Brooklyn Center, MN — not for the residents, not for law enforcement and city officials, not for anyone.


After 20-year-old Daunte Wright was shot and killed Sunday during what was reportedly a routine traffic stop in what police are now saying was an “accidental shooting,” protests quickly devolved into riots.

That continued last night and on into the morning. As per the norm, the national media was on the scene to proclaim the violent riots as “mostly peaceful.” But as RedState editor at large Kira Davis reported, CNN’s Sara Sidner — who has previously expressed support for BLM rioting — found herself on the receiving end of a rude awakening when one demonstrator went off in an expletive-filled rant complaining about what they felt was distorted media coverage.

But CNN wasn’t the only news outlet to face heat from those fanning the flames during the various violent overnight melees. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow had to cut away from one live report after a network correspondent on the scene got bombarded with multiple angry “protesters” who shouted expletives for nearly the entire time the segment ran. Some in the crowd seemed to want the MSNBC crew to leave the scene. Others yelled out derogatory names for the police.

As you’ll soon see from the video below, there were a lot of tense moments. But even with that, the reporter managed to find a soft spot for the rioters, because of course he did. “You heard all that,” he stated. “Some of it rational and some of it obviously very angry and passionate.” Towards the end of the clip, you hear Maddow sympathize with the rioters by talking about the “rawness and anger” that they must feel.



While there’s no doubt there are many in the city who do indeed feel raw and angry — especially after hearing police say it was an “accidental shooting” and that the officer involved (Kim Potter) is said to have meant to use her taser and not her gun, I’m pretty sure yelling “f— the police” and burning down buildings, destroying entire city blocks, etc. isn’t going to do anybody any good.

But considering how Minneapolis responded to the death of George Floyd last year by pushing to defund the police and causing numerous resignations among a frustrated police force in the process (and bringing a higher crime rate along with it), maybe the Brooklyn Center BLM rioters think their threats and destruction will bring about a similar outcome.

It seems it’s already worked with the firing of the city manager, who had the nerve to suggest that Officer Potter should be afforded due process. As my colleague Nick Arama reported, “one council member said she fired the city manager despite the fact he did a ‘great job’ because she didn’t want reprisals from the protesters. ‘I didn’t want repercussions at a personal level.'”


With major decisions for the city being made in part on the basis of fear of the rioters, God only knows what will happen next as chaos and mob rule continues to be the substitute for law and order and clear-headed thinking. Stay tuned.

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