Video: CNN Journo Morphs Into Riot Apologist/Activist on Live TV, Excuses Fires and Destruction as Justifiable

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Protestors demonstrate outside of a burning fast food restaurant, Friday, May 29, 2020, in Minneapolis. Protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody Monday, broke out in Minneapolis for a third straight night. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)


If there ever was a picture-perfect example of a supposedly objective “reporter” revealing themselves in real time to be a left-wing activist with a political agenda to push, it would be CNN correspondent Sara Sidner, who has been reporting from riot-torn Minneapolis in the aftermath of the senseless officer-involved death of George Floyd.

Sidner was talking with Chris Cuomo, another left-wing activist at CNN who is masquerading as an objective reporter, about the situation on the ground in Minneapolis and how as a woman of color this story hit especially close to home. Cuomo helped tee up Sidner’s activism by noting that as a white man he does not know what it feels like to be in a situation like George Floyd was in:

Cuomo added that, as a white man, he’ll never know what it’s like to be Sidner or any other non-white person, but he could tell that, in the Floyd case, “there is hurt that you understand in this situation and that is felt by that community and I think that’s probably the biggest motivation that we are ignoring in this right now.”

Shortly thereafter, Sidner justified the violence taking place in cities across America in an unapologetic rant that crossed the line between straight-news reporter and left wing activist in the worst way:

CUOMO: When they’re hurt, people get angry when they see no other recourse. How big a piece is that in what you’re seeing there?

SIDNER: Oh, it’s everything. Pain is everything. Pain is everything. It has informed everything that you have seen. I know people see violence and think that people are just taking advantage of the situation and there may be some people who are. I don’t know that every single person is doing this borne out of pain, but I can tell you many people are. We’ve seen it. They don’t know what to do with that emotion so their response, especially young folks, is to lash out and one of the young folks — we talked to them on your show. You had him on your show. A young man who was from Minneapolis who said, do you see all this damage here? You don’t listen to us when we speak, so you listen to us now, don’t you? So, acting out gets attention and they know that. Because the other way hasn’t gotten them the attention. It hasn’t done anything. It hasn’t changed anything, so they’re hoping this will. Will it? I don’t know. I was in Ferguson in 2014 for three months. We’re back here again.


Cuomo, of course, did not fact check her by pointing out that the George Floyd/Minneapolis case is not the same situation as the Michael Brown/Ferguson case.


Yep. Right before our very eyes that “objective” mask came right on off:

Do you think she was apologetic over it? Of course she’s not. This is the kind of political activism that’s tolerated on CNN – as long as it’s “the right kind” of activism:


As a woman and an admittedly biased commentator/writer, I’ve covered emotional and heartbreaking stories about violence against women and have shown more objectivity than this.

Sidner’s “report” excusing rioting and looting and destruction is not journalism in any way, shape or form. If you want to be an objective journalist, be an objective journalist. If a journalist wants to be an activist. Fine – go be an activist. Do us all a favor and stop pretending that you can be a neutral journalist reporting on facts free from bias when it’s clear that you can’t. That goes double when you’re excusing away violence in the disturbing way that Sidner did.

Final point:

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