Mostly Peaceful Rioting and Looting in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on Monday Night

A second night of rioting and looting took place in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on Monday night, a suburban community approximately 20 miles from the Minneapolis-St.Paul metroplex.


In an effort to get out ahead of the protestors, the Brooklyn Center City Council passed a resolution at an emergency meeting on Monday that prohibited the police from using tear gas or other chemical irritants, as well as non-lethal impact weapons.

Either that message never made it to the police department, or the Brooklyn Center Police Officers simply stood aside and allowed Minnesota State Police officers to have the pleasure of firing both types of devices into the crowd because plenty of both were put to use.

The City also announced a 7:00 pm to 6:00 am curfew — which was widely ignored.


With police occupied dealing with protesters and looters, residents took protecting their businesses into their own hands.



Meanwhile, in Minneapolis, there were incidents of violence and looting but no signs of widespread protest activity or rioting.

Once again, just a few miles away, Derek Chauvin will return to a courtroom in a nearby courthouse and the Judge and prosecutors will continue on with the farcical idea that Chauvin is receiving a fair trial in connection with the death of George Floyd.


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