Initial Reports From MN Police Shooting Indicate Cop Mistook Gun for Taser

AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa

Yesterday, there was a police shooting in Brooklyn Center, MN, just outside of Minneapolis, in which 20-year-old Daunte Wright was killed. In response, there was a lot of rioting and looting of stores, as we reported here and here.


Now, the first information coming out from the police officials is that it may have been a mistaken shoot.

According to the police, Wright had been stopped for a traffic violation. It was then discovered that he had an outstanding arrest warrant. So they were going to take him into custody. But that’s when he went back to his car. As we’ve seen, a car stop like that can be very dangerous if the person you stop has a gun.


According to CNN, a female officer tried to stop Wright, yelled “Taser!” and, thinking she was drawing her taser, drew the gun and shot instead, Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon said.

It’s not clear how she could mistake one for the other but that appears to be what occurred, according to the chief. Not good.

Hundreds of people were out rioting last night, as we reported here and here. They looted and destroyed stores in Brooklyn Center and all around Minneapolis.

The Democratic Governor Tim Walz issued a statement commiserating with Wright’s family, which was good, but didn’t condemn rioting, didn’t call for a peaceful response, and immediately threw the police under the bus without knowing all the facts yet. He did, however, call up the National Guard in response, which at least showed he learned something after he didn’t call them out last year and let businesses and homes be destroyed.


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