Must Watch: Protester Unloads on CNN Reporter With Expletive-Ridden Rant

As the second night of riots raged on in Brooklyn Center on Monday night, tensions between reporters and protesters were mounting.

The usual suspects at CNN like to think of themselves as heroes for their ideological opining disguised as journalism. Many of the coastal elite journalists truly see themselves as activists to be greeted as allies and saviors as they report on the unwashed masses.


On Monday, CNN reporter Sara Sidner seemed to surprised to learn that not everyone involved in the protest was causing trouble, nor is everyone all that impressed with the fear-porn outlets like CNN constantly sell.

Sidner first approached a concerned protester as if she was some kind of help to him, but the masked man quickly disabused her of the notion, launching into an expletive-ridden tirade on why media outlets like CNN make things worse for the people on the ground.

As the reporter stammered, obviously perplexed by the man’s animosity, she tried to calm him by identifying herself as a CNN journalist. He was not impressed. Her surprise soon turned to condescension as she claimed concerns for his safety.

“Do I look scared to you?” the gentleman responded with clear annoyance. He was seemingly referring to the fact that media outlets like CNN prefer to paint every situation as dire, grave danger.

The entire exchange is pure gold and indicative of how the mainstream press is seen as increasingly problematic by people of all ideologies and walks of life these days. Sidner’s fumbling attempts to appease her subject were an apt metaphor for the growing disconnect between the media class and the American people. What is clear is that this man speaks for many Americans these days. The disdain the media has shown for Americans outside their coastal bubbles is beginning to become quite noticeable. Their addiction to terrible news and fear-porn has stripped them of much of their credibility.


This guy gets it.

What I think about this? Is all the press and all the extra shit y’all do makes this worse…get away from here with all that media shit y’all doing. Y’all doing all that extra shit with the backhand shit to make people look crazier than what the f**k they are.



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